May 19th, 2010: Ricardito Castaignede

I am a fairy.  In both SL and RL.

In RL, where I am a fairy by association only, my identity as a child seemed to upset the other boys in gym class, who would call me “fag”, spit on me and beat me until I was bruised, bloodied or broken-boned.  In SL, I am, quite literally, a fairy – Ricardito Castaignede, the Blue Fairy of Chiaroscuro.  I am able to embrace my nature and celebrate it in a warm, accepting (and, OK, sometimes lusty) community of like-minded fae, satyr and elven folk.  As Ricardito, I am a gadabout who has friends from all over the real world.  I spend my time dancing, hanging out, gabbing and exploring.

I have also discovered the incredible artists of SL and have become a fae patron of the arts, awed by the talented singers, actors, sculptors and inventors I have encountered in my travels.  Once, I even posed for a beautiful series of works that the photographer Florence Babenco, an artist in RL France, was working on.

For a time, I even fell in love – well, Ricardito did, anyway.  Or was it me?  When emotions enter the equation, it can be a bit confusing as to what is real and what is role-play.  It’s fascinating to me how “real” the inner lives and outer personalities of the avatar-humans around me can become.  Sometimes, SL can seem so real that, when I return to RL, I imagine a little, white dot floating above the head of each person around me.  It has been wonderful, though, for me to “practice” being extroverted and intimate as I interact with other gay men in SL.  It has translated to a greater sense of confidence in pursuing my RL love life.

Occasionally, I run into dim-witted snobs in Ken Doll human avatars who laugh and call me “noob” because of the old stereotype that having wings is a phase that every new resident passes through.  “I am a fairy,” I tell them proudly, “I can’t help it that I have wings. They are just a part of who I am”.  In the end, SL and RL can be a lot alike…


Ricardito Castaignede, the Blue Fairy of Chiaroscuro, invites you to visit his Lair, a psychedelic public park and clothing-optional grotto he created millennia ago.  In RL, he is actually a well-known educator living in the Washington, D.C. area.  He travels around lecturing and singing off-key in front of large audiences around the world.  He has wonderful friends and family, one sweet cat and one destructo-kitty.  When not in SL (sometimes while he’s in SL, actually) he’s watching Glee, reading about quantum physics, eating a popsicle and partaking of “medical” marijuana (He’s got glaucoma, he swears! Or maybe it’s arthritis – he can’t quite remember)


One Response to “May 19th, 2010: Ricardito Castaignede”

  1. Greville Oh Says:

    How honoured we are to have you living in Chiaroscuro with your marvelous Lair of the Blue Fairy! Visitors even get to fly right past it on our dragon tours and it is is lovely of you to make it somewhere everyone can enjoy. ((hugs))

    luv grev

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