May 23rd, 2010: Thorgal McGillivary

” You can be better than you are
You could be swingin’ on a star”

Frank is right, as usual – although I’m pretty sure he didn’t had this crazy world on his mind when he wrote that. Now  I’m not very special,  this life aint that special – but still I feel like a star whenever I’m dj-ing, dancing or just hanging out and talking to my friends.

Sundays are special though, Sundays is when I play at Phat Cats. I still remember the first time I visited and the “wow” that escaped my lips. I only just started to dj back then but I knew this was where I wanted to play. So I decided to just ask and to my surprise they let me. So here I am,  every Sunday – playing songs, talking too much, trying to entertain and getting to dance with some mesmerizing lady if I’m really lucky…

Thorgal McGillivary pulls you close, gently kisses your neck and playfully runs his fingers over the smooth fabric of your beautiful dress, feeling you shivering…

I love life! Life is demanding, life is addictive – the shear possibilities offered in here to try, fail and succeed at “being better then you are” simply are overwhelming. The attention, I guess, is addictive too.

There’s that annoying inner-voice again, reminding me not to promise, not to raise any expectations – hold back, keep my distance and in control, don’t let go. In 10 minutes he will again take control of me… arguing that there’s a very early morning up ahead…  yes I know its 1am in your world, now leave me be with my music and longings…

As I start the last song of my set I can’t help but feel a little sad. It’s time to say goodbye again, goodbye Phat Cats, goodbye lovely lady who got stuck dancing with me tonight and inevitably goodbye crazy world I like so much… at least for now…

Sunday definitely is the best day of the week… unless of course you’ll ask me again tomorrow – when playing at that ladies-only club…

“And in this world, where nothing else is true
Here I am, still tangled up in you”


Thorgal McGillivary ( is a SL party dj, stripper and escort who refuses to grow up and generally doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. He plays weekly sets at Phat Cats, Heavenly Male and Xperience but he would love to be a club owner, photographer, builder, designer, scripter, role-player, musician or just a better friend to the ones who are dear to him in what he calls his crazy world. Sometimes it seems to him like he is the only one with such an annoying real-life avi behind the keyboard; a 39-year old male from the Netherlands who can be pretty demanding when it comes to inworld time. Thorgal is jealous of him because he already has all he could wish for; he is living together with the woman he loves (who surprisingly, seems to love him as well), has 3 great kids and a mostly fun and not too boring job.


9 Responses to “May 23rd, 2010: Thorgal McGillivary”

  1. Riven Homewood Says:

    Riven Homewood remembers the thrill of dancing with the man every other woman in the huge club would like be dancing with. Smiling into his eyes, wanting to stroke that blond hair, swirling through the air held firmly in those strong arms….

  2. Finn Poitier Says:

    Finn Poitier remembers the unthrilling kiss he had with that man, every other woman in the huge club would like be dancing with. Not really smiling but doubtful looking into his eyes, avoiding to stroke that blond hair, swirling through the air while not being sure which arms are stronger…

    Greetings to Riven Homewood – would you mind to take over the dance again please? :)

  3. Tsai Jie Says:

    You know, its hard to notice that there are other men around when Thor is on stage. That sexy voice, that OMG hot ass!

  4. Thorgal Says:

    rofl @ Finn… you never told me it was that bad for you :-)

  5. Riven Homewood Says:

    Smiles at Finn, and graciously offers Tsai a turn.

  6. Lisanne Faith Says:

    Hmmmm… next time we meet in world you have to read the above out loud… ;) Yes you know why… I miss you Thor…

    I loved reading the above…such a nice story. I’m sure I will read it again tomorrow and the day after and after and after that…

    Hugs & kisses! You will always be my “Kanjer”

  7. Thorgal Says:

    Thanx Lisanne for those kind words… and I’m so glad and honored I’m allowed to provide the soundtrack to your and Sand’s SL adventure every once and a while on these special sundays…

    Did you kids pick a date yet? Cause we cant have another DJ playing at your wedding ofcourse now can we? :-)

  8. Molly Lemton Says:

    I am still confused..

  9. Molly Lemton Says:

    I have read again, twice, and I agree that Phat Cat’s is one of those places where you just get lost. Especially if you are trying to keep up with the blonde that is DJ’ing.
    Arriving on Sundays, finding him standing there with a half dead rose, left over from the previous week, or with his cane, he is old now and if it wasn’t for pose balls he would not be dancing.
    In seriousness Phat Cat’s is a strange place without Thorgal, and I should know. His unique character is the brightest star in the sky and his wit, charm (or attempts at charming) make you seriously laugh out loud.
    Hugs x

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