May 25th, 2010: Daphyne Kweller

4:33 am…It’s officially the 25th of May, It’s a day for decisions and a day for answering questions and calming myself for the road that lays ahead. Today is day I start a new journey in both SL and RL, because my SL is one with RL. Today I have my first interview with a Magazine in SL and I take on the task of becoming a full-time writer/photographer with this magazine one task I take with great pride. And Today is an exciting one week before I start my college classes, After getting my GED last year.

But as I sit here a bundle of nerves and a little groggy from a lack of sleep due to all the excitement flowing around. I sit back and think of what once was…Of when I was nothing more than a commoner in the virtual realm, Of when I would sit around for hours and wait for a spark to come along, That spark that would ignite my life into what I really wanted…I got tired of waiting.

I set out a little while after I joined SL, ok 3 years after I joined (spent the first 3 years in Gor, which is known by many locals as “ stuck up central”) To find what I had always thought SL to be, the fun wonder’s of the place I heard of whispered in rumors and hushed tones. I did the club thing, I did the host thing, I did the random sim hoping thing…Nothing could keep my attention for longer than a few months, Until I met the man I call “ Daddy” He opened my eyes to what SL could really be, The fun times, The support I needed to ensue my adventures I wanted so desperately. And he’d tell you different, But HE gave me the power and the support I needed to find my confidence that so many others had stepped on over the years.

So to finish this off…Today I step into the path I have been working towards for all these years.

Thank you Daddy.


Daphyne Kweller is an aspiring photographer/blogger with the help of her friends and a soon to be Mother, In RL she twiddles away the hours working on her RL photography in the state of Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains (couldn’t resist). She is a soon to be student going for a degree in Graphic Design. When she isn’t running around snapping pictures she is parked in her chair reading a book or panting her toenails…the one quality pleasure she allows herself.


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