May 26th, 2010: IndiaRose Muircastle

It’s May 26th. Still a chance of a late frost, too early for the neighbor to open his pool, too early to put in the air conditioner… of course the temperature hits 90 degrees. I wilt.  My cats move from one section of the wood floor to another; the feline equivalent of finding the “cool side” on a pillow.

Perhaps SL can offer a distraction. I log on, change into a bikini, and find a beach.  I lay back and hear the waves… maybe in a few minutes I will go for a swim, perhaps spot a mermaid.

I grew up spending summers on the Jersey Shore.  I still love the ocean but I now live hours away.  Nights ruined by sunburns and days of disliking my hips ensure that I shun bikinis and opt for huge t-shirts.

And I cannot swim.  Since childhood I panic when I put my face in the water, and I have never been able to overcome it.  My family calls me an “ankler”; once the water is just over my ankles I go no further.

But right now, my avi looks darn cute in this bikini.  I have no worries about blisters or even tan lines.  Swim?  I can walk along the ocean floor if I feel like it. Maybe I will be the mermaid this afternoon.

For a moment I think that this is such a little thing.  I am not skydiving or building a replica of a cathedral or morphing into a dragon.  I fear water (and bikinis), but there are people with agoraphobia who use SL to cope or help conquer that.  There are paraplegics who log on so that through their avatars they can walk for a little while. I am just lying on a beach.  What does that really matter?

If it makes you happy, it matters. For a few hours, I found some cool and quiet, some happy memories. I had a chance to do exactly as I wished; maybe only a tiny bit of fantasy, but enough to make me smile.

More and more, a swim sounds like a great idea.  Now where did I put that mermaid outfit?


IndiaRose Muircastle will celebrate her second rezz day on June 29th, and is still in awe of the talent and creativity that she sees in SL every day. She is an aspiring jewelry maker and owner of IndiaRose Designs, and after having been tortured by many tiny prims she is happy to say she may be gaining the upper hand and learning how to torture them first. She finds great joy in the family and friends she has found in SL, and can often be found on the sim at ceilidhs and parties. She also models from time to time for her friends, owners of Shazwren Photography.  Her favorite thing to do in SL is to go dancing and exploring with her partner, Boneyard, whom she describes as “one of the most amazing people I have ever met.”  In RL, India is 41 years old, and lives in the suburbs of Boston.  She holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and spent fifteen years working with adults with chronic mental illness. After losing her job due to a loss of state funding (a subject about which she will still rant for hours if allowed to, be warned) she has taken some time off to obtain her license as a therapist and is also planning to become certified in personal coaching. In addition, with three long-haired cats in her home, she is qualified as a fur removal expert and bowl filler.  In her spare time she loves to read (Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan novels are a particular addiction), as well as cooking and attempting to establish a rose garden.


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