May 28th, 2010: Sonatrix Dench

Four more days, only four more days until what has been affectionately coined The Summer of Spud. It feels like forever since I last saw him, but really it hasn’t even been two months. But when you’re away from someone you just feel like you belong with, it’s tough and time drags on. Now that the day is coming so close everything feel so surreal, like really? I’m going to be there all summer? I don’t have to pack up and leave 5 days later? I’m so excited!

But with the excitement comes the anxiety, and all of my worries have been boiling to the surface. You see I’ve done this before, I’ve packed everything up and moved across the country for love. And it didn’t end well. Not many people know that I was married before, and I was super young when I did it. It was a horribly abusive relationship and has bred a lot of worries, paranoia, and even phobias.  That’s in the past though.

I’m so thankful for Spudgy, he’s dealt with all of those worries and paranoia and kept on truckin’. He’s a trooper I tell ya, cause it’s not easy to deal with me and the emotional baggage I carry everywhere I go. Even this summer we’re just calling a trial because I don’t want to make the same mistake and just leave everything behind all in one shot. But I have a really good feeling that I won’t be coming back home. But it’s nice that I still have something to come back to this time, and I’m not just leaving it all behind.

I never thought I’d find “The One” in SecondLife, but here I am sitting on the perpetually unfinished sim we call home writing to you all about how I met the love of my life in SecondLife and soon I hope to be with him forever. I don’t think we would have made it this far without the friends we’ve made along the way, SL is great for long distance that way… because even though you’re not in the same community in real life, you still have this in common.


Sonatrix Dench is a 25-year-old Preschool Teacher in Clarksville, Tennessee. That is, for the next three days she is until she’s bound for Iowa where she hopes to spend the rest of her life with the man she met and fell in love with in Second Life. In SecondLife she flits from here to there doing a bit of this and that, but nothing much in particular. She loves to explore, play dress up, and take lots of pictures. And right now she’s sitting on her toukus playing around in Second Life while she should be packing, but… Second Life is so much more fun.


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