May 29th, 2010: Putrid Gloom


A cool breeze reaches my head from a half open window, as the warmth of my comforter cocoons me defiantly against the night air in a wonderful dichotomy, and I find myself wondering what to write here.

I have a phrase running around in my head

‘Above us only sky’ – John Lennon

The Beatles have always been significant in my life. Firstly I’m from Liverpool, where Soccer is our religion and Beatles tunes are our hymns. Secondly my Father is a musician, and Sundays were ‘Beatles Sunday’ where we would listen to the Beatles and play guitar and dance and sing.

Happy times.

Today whilst embarking on the seemingly insurmountable task of reducing my inventory, I watched the Linda McCartney Story on the true movies channel. None of this seemed significant until I came to write this blog.

I started to think about how events that occur in one day can change the world. I live around the corner from the church hall where The Beatles (then the quarrymen) played their first gig. That one night would lead to the face of music and popular culture being changed forever.

JFK was born on this day 29th May. One day to change history

Jeff Buckley died

In second life we are in the fortunate position of being able to meet people from all around the world. Unencumbered by constraints we may experience in our real lives, we are free to live, love, collaborate, work, laugh, sing, comfort and nurture the people we choose as our virtual friends and family. Anything is possible. Who knows what your support will help someone go on to become or achieve.

A number one record

A cure for cancer

The confidence to leave an abusive partner


I encourage you to live each day in both worlds as if it may change history. To embrace each chance meeting and opportunity.

‘Come together’

Above you is only sky

I want to dedicate this blog to Horrid Twine and Munchflower Zaius.  Two friends who inspire me to rule the world someday.


Putrid Gloom is a 37-year-old mom of a 16-year-old girl. She has 5 imaginary Chihuahuas, a pretend boyfriend and an unhealthy interested in taxidermy. She is currently writing a children’s book. She can usually be found at her sim Gloomy Creek, which houses her store Show me on the Doll. Read her blog at


5 Responses to “May 29th, 2010: Putrid Gloom”

  1. Silo Uriza Says:

    Thank you.

  2. Destry Alecto Says:

    Wonderful Entry.. loved this… Thank You.

  3. horribaubles Says:

    And rule the world you shall. Isn’t it funny how one world can show you the true importance of the other world? Love and hugs. <3

  4. Savak Zaurak Says:

    Great post and great wisdom.

  5. munchflower Says:

    Love you hard <3

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