May 30th, 2010: Horrid Twine

Like many of the authors who decided to participate in this blog, I struggled a bit on what I should write about. I could whine and complain all day about the negative things I have seen while avataring my way across the Slgalaxy, but today, I chose otherwise.

I have decided to pay tribute to the people closest to me, and celebrate  what they have meant. This is a love letter to my circle.

These days are very much the same. I am dealing with and watching, from a distance, a most beloved grandmother succumb to Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, and kidney failure.  Rather than take her quickly, these things are eating away at her body and mind while eating away at my heart and soul. I am half a country away and it feels like nothing takes my mind away from this. Then, when I least expect it, someone I love manages to take my head away from where it currently is. Usually, it is one of my friends.

Knowingly or not you have helped me to deal with what’s happening with compassion, comedy, and love. Your constant barrage of silliness, laughter, insight, and friendship has been there as a light when it has felt so damn dark. I never assumed nor expected that in this virtual world I would find such real and concrete connections. All of you are as close to me as my “RL” best friends are. You have become a very tangible connection that bridges both worlds, real and virtual.

Thank you for your brutally honesty and true friendship. For  kicking me in the ass when I need it, and being an inspiration. Thank you for always maintaining your potatohead like ways and being such amazing rocks of sanity (Yes, oddly enough, you guys have moments of the sane).

Without the support of you weebles, I am certain life would be far less interesting under this rock. I hope that I have been there for each of you, too.

To Putrid, Munch, Mad, Apatia, Sic and Babyhoney, this letter is for you. I love your faces even though you all smell like old, woolen socks. Someone has to.

<3 H.O.Twine


Horrid Twine is a 31-year-old female who, in SL, is the proud owner of Horribaubles and Pretty Squeezles. When she is not building, she can usually be found doing the noob run around her friends, thinking up inventive ways to e-kill herself or looking for an SL trailer park to live in. Don’t judge. The RL Horrid resides in the South East, particular location refusing to be admitted. Aside from being Bubbles The Chimp – Star of Stage & Screen, she works her way through life as a Graphics Designer. In her spare time she DJ’s, attends college, the symphony and is constantly overtaken by three crazy dogs who would declare a thumb war if they could.


3 Responses to “May 30th, 2010: Horrid Twine”

  1. munchflower Says:


  2. Putrid Gloom Says:

    Oh Twiner, without your friendship I would not be the fantastically well balanced and constantly skippy-hop person I am. I love youuuuu <3

  3. FiFace Says:

    You deal with your struggles in such a beautiful way. I <3 you hard woman.

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