June 6th, 2010: Tilly Theas

I miss summer already… It’s getting increasingly cold here in the land Downunder, just as it’s heating up for friends and family whose loos flush in the opposite direction in the northern hemisphere. As always a surfer however, unless there’s ice in the water, I’m going in.

You can never really tell where a day will lead… It turns out that today was indeed quite like no other.
“It’s going to be a girl!” The excited greeting my brother and his pregnant wife made as they walked into the family home. Great, I now owed my sister $20 for thinking they could keep it a secret longer than 2 weeks… Happy engagement present sis. Walking through the 30 close friends and family kissing, hugging and copping a few thumps on the back all round, we had
already kicked off surprise celebrations for said sister and her (now) fiancé. He’d finally popped the question less than a month ago and while the wedding plans were well underway, (despite me being the most unorganised Maid of Honour in history) there was now even more reason to crack open the next bottle of Chandon.

Holding my glass up high, toasting to the bride and groom to-be, I wonder… Will someone one day be making this toast to me? Switch off Tilly, switch off. But of course, I can’t. I hate making the table bookings un-even. There will be no ‘plus 1’ joining me at the wedding. I’ve ‘met’ the love of my life, that one person I finally know I will spend the rest of my life with. Yet with the time it takes to make the dream a reality, he will be but an imagined morph into my RL world that we can yet close the distance on.
So as I shake my head to clear my head and my eyes, making a conscious path back to the friends and family before me, I make a silent toast.

“To all those who are in the limbo of pixel love. Those who have formed their love through a medium such as SecondLife, finding their heart complete. May we all, have our happy ending.”


Tilly Theas lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. She is a devout surfer, and spends every moment she can in the water. Working part-time for a promotional company, she one day hopes to run her own events management company, and book a table for 2.


One Response to “June 6th, 2010: Tilly Theas”

  1. chryblnd Says:

    You make your journey bravely and with great spirit. How loved you are! These things are all important, Tilly Theas. And the very minute you book that table for two, the rest of us will be on yer phone helping you decide what to wear!

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