June 7th, 2010: Nisa Constantine

It’s 2am.  I yawn and peer bleary-eyed through my windshield as I cruise down 95 South heading home to Maryland.  In six hours I have to report to my job as a Literacy Specialist for the Washington, DC public school system.  I’m running on fumes – been awake for 18 hours straight but I’m floating on air.  I’ve just spent another in a series of glorious weekends with the love of my Second Life, who somehow, amazingly, managed to become the love of my RL as well.  I smile to myself as I think of him.  He’s my best friend, my kindred spirit, my confidante.

The avatar many of you know as “Nisa Constantine” exists because of him.  He saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself and taught me to see myself through his eyes. He nurtured my spirit and inspired me to find the music hidden in my heart.  He was right there every step of the way as my SL exploded and I went from being just one of thousands of avatars exploring SL to being crowned Miss Costa Rica Sims, becoming a Top Ten Finalist in the Miss Virtual World 2010 pageant, and becoming a sought after Internet radio DJ for two of the most popular stations in SL.

It is said that “Music is love in search of a word.”  My music now has lyrics.


Nisa Constantine is a 40-year-old mother of 2 college students and an 8-year-old. She is an avid reader, educator, hip hop junkie, sunshine fiend, laughter addict, poet, writer, music lover, Internet DJ & radio personality, SHE IS LOVE.


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