June 9th, 2010: Suede Sixpence

Why on earth do I continue to log on after 3 years? I have asked myself the same question every so often and the answer always changes. For today, my answer is this: I log on to spend time with Bitter, who I don’t see very often due to our time difference, me in California and him in Wales. Even though I have been here for 3 years, it’s the first time I ever partnered.  We are a good fit, the drunkard and me. It’s fun to giggle with someone with the same off-sense of humour as you.

My First and Second Life are full in very different ways. In the world outside I am a chef for a 5 star restaurant, which is busy. It’s long, unsociable hours and hard work. I am plain knackered after my shift. All I want to do is sit down when I get home, after I feed my two furry fiends and try to stop them from sitting on the keyboard and sticking their faces in my teacup when it cools to lukewarm.

So, back to why I log on. Even before I discovered Second Life back in December of ’06, I was on the computer doing this and that. In Second Life, I do things which are fun and creative. I am the editor for a fashion blog and I meet lots of interesting avatars. I like taking photos and I enjoy blogging, and talking about how I took my photographs. I admire many of the Second Life photographers I see on Flickr. With the advances in the quality of clothes, skins, and hair, for some avatars reality is blurred and they look real. I sometimes wonder where Second Life will end– will we eventually be able to immerse ourselves with a headset that transports you to the grid with sounds, smells and sensations?

But most of all, Second Life for me represents omnipotence, you are your own personal god. Wanna fly? Click. Wanna be male, female, dragon? Just click. Your choices are only limited by your imagination.

Anybody and anything exists somewhere in Second Life. Just log on and click.

Do it. I did and I never looked back.


Suede Sixpence often leaves her avatar hanging when she drinks too much tea and has to run to the loo before she pees her pants. Her work day consists of making really cool food, which you can eat for 100 bucks. She cuddles her cats and they don’t like it but they always come back for more. She thinks living in SoCal is fun apart from the traffic, and she spends wasted time on the 5 freeway thinking up ideas for her blogs (maybe it is not time wasted after all) and using her cell phone to video absolute rubbish to send to the drunk in RAINY Wales.


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