June 10th, 2010: Deoridhe Quandry

This is a total impulse thing.

I mean that quite seriously. I checked this blog yesterday, saw there was a slot open today (which then had been tomorrow) and sent an email.

I found Second Life through the most fantasticest Dolly of all time – my Ro-chan who knows who she is. She lured me here with promises of awesome outfits to dress myself up with, set me up with a thousand Linden, and went Fairy Wing Hunting with me. I still wear the wings her original seed money purchased for me. Besides dressing up my current favorite doll, I sought out philosophy and discussion groups, made a bunch of friends, had my first home, started building very odd houses which I never put together enough to sell, and became a nuisance in several groups (*waves frantically* Hi everyone! Look, I’m on a blog!! I wanna shout out to Az and Tomo and Azzycat, and Mori, and Mori’s pants, and Keaniez, and Xeneri-benari, and Machibara-sensei-sama, and Briyanna and onionpencil and Blaaaaaaaaaaaainz, and… *the wrap it up song begins to play*).

Now I roleplay. And stalk lucky chairs. And pick my way carefully through hunts (the second Twisted Hunt BROKE my BRAIN). And occasionally pause to type up some pompous reflections in my blog (rarely updated, hardly ever commented on). I take the relationships I’ve built through Second Life pretty seriously (well, as seriously as I’m capable, which on some days has limits) but Second Life itself pretty not seriously. I demonstrate this through extreme and irritating uses of netspeak. OMG, I R in ur blogz, postin’ my nonzenze.

Wow, 365 words is a lot more than I was expecting.

I love the ability to be fantastical in Second Life in a way I can’t offline. One of my biggest consistencies is my faerie wings; every one of my roleplaying characters have them, even if in half the cases they are “fake”. I wear a lot of Lolita Style, fantasy, and just plain adorable clothing that I could never afford offline.  I have kimono! And silks! And big, stompy boots! I literally fly everywhere, except when I swim. Offline this never happens; on SL it’s normal!


Deoridhe Quandry is a fifteen thousand year old Seraph, Bard, Vampire, Faerie, Graverobber, Mary Sue who has been kicking around the internets for a very long time, at least in internet time. She is most proud of having a very unusual online name, by virtue of misspelling an obscure word in a foreign language. In her defense, she was very young. She can be found roleplaying in Ambrea or Woodbourne, hanging out and debating philosophy at Thothica or Open Habitat, fishing at various stores for their awesome free stuff, or annoying people in Falln’s Angels group chat. She loves rainbows, kitties, rainbows, fishies, and rainbows.


3 Responses to “June 10th, 2010: Deoridhe Quandry”

  1. Verona Valentin Says:

    Well, even if your other blog is “hardly ever commented on” as you said, here’s a comment for ya on here :)
    Two thumbs up on this post – it’s nice to see just a normal, happy story of someone’s SLife on here once in a while (not that the other heart-breaking and/or amazing stories are bad or uninteresting).

    PS: I’m like you in a way, I always wear my ram horns. \o/ for consistency!

  2. Deoridhe Quandry Says:

    Awww, you’re so sweet.

    Yeah, my wings are kind of my signature mark, which makes it interesting in roleplaying sims where I play humans because humans don’t have wings. I even had a vampire with wings, once; she was delusional and thought she was a fairy.

    Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Emerald Wynn Says:


    You’re beyond fabulous! :)

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