June 12th, 2010: Star Fairymeadow

Today begins like any other summer day. I crack an eye open and hear the birds chirping outside. Sunshine is streaming through the window, and my room is incredibly bright. I am thankful to be alive.

Downstairs, my computer awaits. After the usual morning ritual of bathroom, drink and “good mornings” to my bunnies, I am ready to log into Second Life. It is nearly eight years since thyroid disease changed my life. It was then, with little energy to do anything else, that I began my exploration into the world of 3D. I started out mucking around with Poser, which led to my introduction to Second Life.

I laugh as I think of the word “therapy”, which is how I often describe my life in SL. Each day is a day of learning and self discovery. As I interact with strangers and friends, I learn things about myself that I did not realize before. Parts of me that lay dormant have re-awakened. Dreams become realized…

Owning my own boutique was something I always wanted to do. I spend part of my day taking care of “virtual” customers who are more real to me than many of the folks I meet in the “real world”. I feel lucky to have them. Without “the dolls” I would not have the drive or support to continue doing what I love most… Being creative. No matter how tired I may be mentally or physically, there is something so satisfying about pushing prims around and coming up with new ideas. I can spend hours zoning in Photoshop fiddling with textures. It satisfies me, but it is all the more worthwhile when I hear someone say they like what I do.

My day is peppered with laughs, cries and just plain silliness from my beautiful, wonderful friends. It would not be complete without my adopted family. We fish. We dance. We pull out the party sheep! LOL. We share our thoughts and try to make sense of our lives. As my day closes and I am mulling over the highlights, I am left wondering who and where I would be without them.


Star Fairymeadow owns and operates Wretched Dollies and the Wretched Hollow sim. Her work area is surrounded by wind-up toys, dolls and vintage collectibles. She enjoys talking to her bunnies while she works, even tho they don’t answer. Sometimes she thinks they give her that “she’s a crazy lady” look, but they like her because she feeds them fresh apples.


3 Responses to “June 12th, 2010: Star Fairymeadow”

  1. Deoridhe Quandry Says:

    I’d like you if you fed me fresh apples!

    Glad to have you around, Star! ~<3

  2. Winter Jefferson Says:

    I’ll never forget the first time I was yanked to your store in amazement. Better than this though, was actually meeting you and finding out what a terrific person you are. I love your entry here Star! <3

  3. Lizzie Lexington Says:

    YAY someone else who has been dealing with the BS of thryroid disease. I feel gulity complaining at times about how tired i am or how anxious i am or how i just feel like shit cause my Graves has decided to be a WHORE one day but not the next since I am not dying and it is treatable. I feel bad when I hear about friends with tumors or cancer or lupus and think to myself – why am i complaining in a few weeks I’ll be better. But sometimes I dont even have the energy to log into SL and I just feel like being whoa is me, LOL. But with levels down to a less than dangerous level I finally was able to undergo the radioactive iodine therapy three weeks. I would love to hear how you are doing now and how you coped early on. Hugs to you fellow thryoid traveller!

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