June 14th, 2010: Syngen Sohmers

I’ve been playing a lot of Rock Band 2 lately.

That actually comes about as a result of one of my SL friendships going “extra-Avatar,” to borrow a term from a friend of mine, Winterbourne Wickentower.   Specifically actually THAT friendship.

Winter is one of a handful of SL friendships that have moved beyond the Second Life arena and into other avenues of communication.  These friendships have developed largely in SL, and then at some point, we’ll exchange contact information for Skype, or AIM, or GoogleTalk, or email.  If they have one, we’ll swap Xbox Live names, and hook up to live out our mutual fantasies of either being Brandon Flowers when we grow up, or shooting zombies – Sorry, INFECTED.  Graduating eventually to phone numbers and texting.

This is actually kind of a big deal, because doing this, opens a window for these friends into my real life, and a window for me into theirs.  We still talk about things in SL, but I learn things about them.  The names of their pets, how they get along with their families, that they organize their Chuck Taylors in neat little rows next to their beds.

We stop calling each other by our SL names, and use our real names.  My Husband sort of accepts this handful of people as my circle of outside friends, and asks after them.  He comes home in the evenings and will lean over to the mic on my headset, say “Hello” to whoever I am talking to, give me a kiss, ask me what’s for dinner.  He’ll log into Xbox Live with me, and play video games with one of these “Extra Avatars,”  Cheerfully accepting the nickname “Zombiebait” in jest to his lack of first-person shooter skills.

I find it interesting, trying to figure how these people wormed their way past my avatar and into my life.  I wonder, a lot of times if they feel the same.  I know them, and they know me.  Not just the pixels, but the people.  I’ve heard them laugh. They’re my counselors, my sounding boards.  But above it all, they are my friends.  And I am richer for their existence.


Syngen Sohmers is the owner and designer for Sakinah, a Middle Eastern fashion line for both the historical and the halal. She can’t always be found in world, because she hides like a recluse in her workshop to build. IMs always seem to find her, even when she doesn’t want them to. Her Typist is equally reclusive, a writer, living in the Southeastern US, and plotting her trip to Egypt in September.


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