June 15th, 2010: Gabe Bookmite

June, 15th. I don’t really remember anything special happening on this day, so I have no stories of June 15ths that have gone by. However, I will tell you what I did today. Getting ready to move. You see in real life, my dad is in the navy so moving has always been a huge part of my life. After almost five years in Washington we are moving way over on the east coast. I am not so sure how I feel about that relating to Second Life. I guess I just have to do math to figure out SLT.

My body is also all kinds of sore. I wish I could just sneak away and lock myself in my room and run around in Second Life, but I can’t. I think all I have time to do today is finish writing this and sending it off before 8pm, and maybe find some pictures of an oven, since I am sure it might raise questions in my household why I am running around taking pictures when I should be painting. I hate painting. Someone remind me to get a good job so I can pay people to do this for me.

Today is just a rerun of all the things we had to do in the past. That’s moving things around, scrubbing floors, taping and painting. It is a long process and almost seems bittersweet. We moved the oven today for the first time in almost five years. Can you say yuck? We fix the house nice, just to leave it. I remember back when we lived in Florida, right around the time we were leaving. We got new carpet, tile and cabinets installed just to leave it.

The funny thing is, you would think since this is not my first move I would be used to it. But I don’t think anyone gets used to saying goodbye.


Gabe Bookmite is in between homes.


2 Responses to “June 15th, 2010: Gabe Bookmite”

  1. Todd19 Ashbourne Says:

    Well Gabe Good Luck just try and take it gently and WELCOME BACK to the East Coast..:)

  2. Divos Titanium Says:

    This is a great entry, Gabe. The last line is really powerful.

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