June 16th, 2010: HoneyBear Lilliehook

Today is just like the rest: Up at 4AM SLT, make coffee, log in, do some work for Glance, and start fielding IMs from models, designers, photography clients, apply for a couple of castings, and have a conversation over coffee with my buddy, Trouble Inglewood. I think once again about how much living in RL I’ve given up to pursue the “glamorous life” I live in Second Life.

I touch base with Axe Bikcin, my dear friend and sim manager, to be sure the sim is being taken care of and the tenants are happy. I talk to Gavyn Kirax, my BFF and remind him we need to get back on the scripts I need for our shoe line. He gently reminds me I haven’t finish my portion yet. Oops!  I realize I need to talk to Kristee Lane–the friend I’ve had since I was two weeks old–and sadly see the least, since my life has gotten so busy. Then a conversation with Patty Cortes, as we go over the details of Glance International Agency, and make the decisions necessary for the day.

Before I know it, it’s almost 10AM, and I realize that I’m still not dressed for the day, my coffee is cold, and I’ve made three commitments for the afternoon!

I sometimes think I need to leave Second Life – spending 12-18 hours a day inworld isn’t healthy for me, my marriage, and what few relationships I have left in the real world. We had family and friends over this past weekend – they came in, greeted me, and then went back outside to play on the boat and fish. I sadly realized that nobody expected me to be outside with them, so I logged and went outside.

I’ve spent the past month anticipating my third rez day today – but perhaps I’ll spend it in RL instead.


HoneyBear Lilliehook lives in Second Life, and occasionally visits her real life home on a lake in Texas. Her husband has been known to ask her to turn around so he can remember what she looks like. Photography, modeling and shopping are her primary passions. Favorite quote: “What is this first life of which you speak?”


7 Responses to “June 16th, 2010: HoneyBear Lilliehook”

  1. Chris Norse Says:

    Hugs! Honey

  2. Burly Tigerpaw Says:

    I soooo understand this, HBear…..Happy Rezz day anyway….you make a difference in an awful lot of Slives, sweet lady….mine included. xoxo Bri

  3. Argus Collingwood Says:

    Happy RezDay, busy lady.. great insights <333

  4. Elora Lunasea Says:

    I had no idea it was your rezday Honey, hope you had a wonderful time.
    As for trying to juggle both lives, I hope you’re able to find a balance which is good for both of them. It would be a shame to see you leave SL. At the very least stop waking up at 4am *shakes fist*

  5. HoneyBear Lilliehook Says:

    I’m not going anywhere completely Elora – just working on that “balance” thing ;)

    Thanks :)

  6. Geryn Sloane Says:

    Wow, I can SO relate, sleep sometime (most of the time?) becomes an annoying but required interuption to my SL. Sometimes I think this is what a junky feels like, gotta have my SL fix everyday or I get shaky and weird. But my hubby says as long as I am happy doing what I do, then its all good. I guess I do get a certain ‘high’ out of SL, but I don’t feel sad about not getting the same in RL. Some may think it sad, but I cannot do in RL the things I enjoy doing in SL and I don’t even wish I could. RL is what it is and has to be…SL is what we make it..and, of course, that is anything we want!!
    I’m glad I got to dance in stilettos for 4 hours at your rez day HB!!

  7. Kristee Lane Says:

    Aww Honey….. I miss you too! You know that I am only an IM away….anytime…I am always here for you. :)

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