June 18th, 2010: Gwendolyn Bieler

I picked a Friday to write about SL because of something else I do on Fridays, too.  Every Friday, I write a haiku.  One little poem, once a week.  It’s my modest attempt to create something new, to contribute to culture, to live up to my potential.  It doesn’t need to be monumental or life changing, it just needs to follow a few simple rules, and it needs to be good.  I need it to be good.  And, yes, I get to decide what “good” is.

Surprisingly, even this small project of mine—one haiku, once a week—blossomed with the participation of someone else.  When my SL love asked me to write a haiku for him, I was shocked at the results.  It was entirely new; unique and alive.  Since then, it’s become our habit, every week; he suggests a one-word topic, and I respond to it.  I try to surprise him and make him smile, to give him something he couldn’t have anticipated.  His topic awakens my imagination; the result is better than I would have done on my own.

About eight weeks ago, I opened a café in-world.  I needed to revitalize my sim.  I redesigned a building, made new textures, built new furniture, and changed the name.  This place in SL is my modest attempt to create someplace new, to contribute to culture, and to live up to my potential.  It was built in SL, so it didn’t need to follow *any* rules, it just needed to be good.

I was thrilled when people started visiting.  At first the visitors were friends of mine, but gradually strangers started to arrive, having found the place in someone’s profile or in search.  I made it a point to greet and welcome them, to make friends.  Many of those strangers are now regulars, and now there’s almost always someone at the cafe, someone to welcome and befriend.  I’d built a café, but what I created in the process was a community.

Creativity energizes and affirms.  Tonight I’ll sit with my friends in my café, and today I wrote a haiku:

A stem splits and draws
water, splits and draws water,
and new begets new.


Gwendolyn Bieler owns and operates a sim called Hallelujah Azul.  You can find her there most evenings, making furniture for her shop (Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Design) or in her cafe, Bumble.  In RL, she tries to make some small difference every day.


One Response to “June 18th, 2010: Gwendolyn Bieler”

  1. Emerald Wynn Says:

    I’m blown away. All this time I’ve known you as my beautiful friend . . . and I had no idea you were also such a beautiful writer. My heart felt this blog post.

    I think everything you bring into this world – your words, your creations, your ability to bring people together – is such a gift. I am so blessed to call you “friend.”

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