June 19th, 2010: Mortique Martynov

I love music…

I don’t mean that like the cliché phrase that adorns many Facebook, MySpace, insert-social-network-here profile pages, but in a much deeper sense. I love all genres (ok, except smooth jazz and new country, but it would be easier for me to list what i don’t like than what i do like), appreciating everything each sound has to offer. I love the experience of a good song. There’s nothing like it, when a song plays and fits the emotion of an instance of time, as the melodies, beats, and words send shivers down the spine. That’s a big part of why I enjoy DJing in SL so much, as it affords me the opportunity to share this feeling with others…

I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. When I was 14 I met one of the best friends of my life: an electric guitar. I’d play until my fingertips were raw, pushing myself to get better at it. I took a few lessons, but most of what I learned was from imitating what I was listening to at the time. In high school I joined jazz band, despite not knowing how to read music at all. I knew my chords and notes, but sheet music is still to this day a bunch of squiggles and dots on a page to me. I improvised and played by ear, and it was fun…

My senior year I was given a drum machine. That’s when I started to play more with keyboards and MIDI triggers and whatever weird electronic crap I could get my hands on to sample and turn into music. I spent years on my own experimenting, composing, and honing my skills, trying to develop my own unique sound. In late 2008 I was asked by a friend to make an intro track for his band’s shows. When I played it for them, they asked me to join as full-fledged member. Ever since we’ve been working together to build our image, record an EP, and start a label and promotional group putting together shows in the Metro Detroit area…

Tomorrow night we’re opening for Otep. Oh hell yes, I love music…


Mortique Martynov is a 27-year-old morbid smart ass that loves Detroit, the city he calls home. Besides trying to make it in music, he works as a freelance graphic designer, and ‘general fixer of broken stuff’.  In SL he’s usually streaming music, whether it be mixing up DJ sets at various clubs on the grid, or hiding away while listening to tunes and chatting with dear friends.


One Response to “June 19th, 2010: Mortique Martynov”

  1. Terri Zhangsun Says:

    OTEP! Your are opening for OTEP! That is awesome!

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