June 20th, 2010: Addison Mortlock

I created my Second Life because of a former friend… but I stayed because of Rose. That’s not her real name, but it is what we call each other. It’s an inside joke that makes me laugh and smile. I don’t always do a lot of that. Laughing and smiling are sometimes hard for me. But today is Rose’s birthday and she brings joy to my worlds.

We live about four hours apart in our first lives. It’s really hard to be that far from each other. SL allows us to spend time together every day if we wish. We can sit in the same room and go about our business, chatting when we feel like doing so. Most times, we start typing out of the blue at the same time, about the same thing. It’s generally something outrageous such as comparing another friend’s opensim location to the Mirror of Erised. Or being stabby. Or perhaps being able to turn other people into worshipping piles of goo just by speaking to them.

My Rose is having a horrible day today, but we have talked on the phone a few times and I hope that I have made her smile at least once. Rose, you are my rock, my sanity, my very best friend in the entire world. I do not know what I would do without you.

So here’s to you, DR and June. Thank you for giving me the perfect rose, stabby thorns and all.

Love you, Rose.


Addison Mortlock is a bartender, mother, grandmother and wife in her first life and a real pain in the butt in her second life. As the co-owner and marketing manager for A-BOMB, she lives to force her business partners to refine each product before it is released.


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