June 21st, 2010: Cheyenne Palisades

I love to stand on the wooden platform on Whimsy Kaboom, looking out over the sea at lovely palm-covered islands in the distance and watching the resident humpback cavorting nearby.

I love to travel to the robot sanitorium high above and watch visitors pressing levers and trading in their puny bioforms for shiny metal robot bodies.

I love to snuggle with my sweetie in our home in the sky, watching television and hatching absurd plans for intricate steampunk machinery and freebies that run away from their new owners and self-propelled brooms.

I love to indulge my creativity by rezzing a simple cube and turning it into a torii gate or a giant bobbing bird or a catapult or dilapidated and leaky SCUBA gear.

I love to challenge myself by animating my prims with scripts, making them turn and clank and move and emit fireworks or smoke.

I love to listen to live music without having to leave my home and see art from around the world or dance with friends, just a teleport away.

I love to see things sublime and laugh at things silly, to see the amazing creative works of people like me.

I love having met my sweetie in world. I love having a Second Life partner who has now been my real-life partner for more than three years.

I love to be eaten by predatory flowers, stalked by zombies, and to have the airship in which I’m flying disintegrate about me while apologizing for not being stocked with parachutes.

I love looking at objects in the carbon world and estimating how many prims it would require to build them.

I could and do indulge my tastes for beauty and ridiculousness and love in the carbon-based world, but only in Second Life can I have it all, instantaneously and for free—or almost free—or for a substantial monthly payment, which is my choice.

Second Life has certainly not replaced my carbon life, but it has assuredly enhanced it, bringing me new skills, endless entertainment, and for the first time in many years, love.


Cheyenne Palisades has lived in two worlds since October, 2006. She resides on the Whimsy sims with her semi-anonymous partner Sweetie. Chey and Sweetie are the creative force behind the Whimsy Kaboom robot sanitarium, home for the many mentally malfunctioning mechanoids of the Metaverse. In their carbon lives, they live 850 miles apart, but manage tp spend lots of time visiting one another.

Chey has been a writer and editor for many years. Her Second Life blog can be found at http://cheyennepal.blogspot.com.


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