June 22nd, 2010: Annechen Lowey

The muse is inattentive today. Building seems flat, and though I have much to construct, it a chore to log in. Not because of a fight with a friend, or even the technical difficulties we often have.

It is worry. Life is fleeting, beauty is transient, but I hope we have more time than the layoffs seem to indicate. From the rumors flying about, the Investors want their money. I honestly think most of them do not understand that the residents do want the grid, but  if we left, why would they need the servers?

The people who are going seem to be popular with residents, not that the opinions of the average resident seems to count anymore. I understand that we are not important to the management. I have had my nose rubbed in it often enough, the average resident does not matter to the ones In Charge. But I will be sad when the whole thing collapses on their heads.

Not because they did not know it would happen. We have told them often enough, but since we are not Large Corporations, they have little regard for our opinions. We are annoying grains of sand. Yet they do not see the pearls that grow around each grain. Each grasping maneuver to get more money for the Investors alienates another resident, and they leave. Some take a break and come back, but the numbers of those returning are not growing. A new user interface is not the answer, but the ones In Charge do not get it. After all, the one at the top of the heap does not visit except for photo opportunities. He does not get the fact that Relay For Life of Second Life has raised L$33800802 so far this year, except that the Investors are not getting that money.

I hope that the Lindens being let go find success and bliss. I hope that perhaps they can follow their dreams, that they are not going to be out of work long. I hope they do not have to look for work for two years, like some of us have been.  I hope things change, and for the better, soon.


Annechen Lowey is a resident of Caledon Kittiwickshire, Steelhead Harborside, and Winterfell Absinthe. Though she may share some characteristics with the one at the keyboard, she is not the same person as the out-world agent. While this separation may confuse some people, it makes for some rather interesting conversations, most of which are unprintable.


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