June 23rd, 2010: Zippora Zabelin

The last week of June tends to make me contemplative. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in this week, but perhaps it’s just because I’ve been a teacher for most of my professional life and June always was the time of finishing things and making plans for the next school year. Fact is that June has been a time of change for me in the past years.

In June 2007 I spent my last days as a teacher. My temporary contract was not extended and I was relieved, because after thirteen years I was fed up with the job. It was not completely coincidental that I was also severely addicted to Second Life at the time. But then, within a week,  I met two people in Second Life who would change my life forever.

The first was a storyteller in both first and second life. I was carried away by his stories and amazed to hear that one could actually tell stories as a real life job. It sounded like a dream to me.
A few days later I met the man who would become my partner in SL and a very close friend in first life. He encouraged  me to chase my dreams in first life instead of online and he was right.

Two years ago – in June 2008 – I gathered my courage and registered my own business at the chamber of commerce. My main activity: storytelling in schools and child centers.
June 2009 was another milestone, when I finished an intense storytelling training and had my first performance in front of an adult audience, an exciting experience which after that  has been repeated regularly.

And now it’s June again. My business is not profitable yet, but gradually it grows. Most important for me is that I can do what I love to do and I can be myself, something that I’ve partially learned through Second Life.
A couple of weeks ago I made another step when  I told a story in English for the first time.  I did this in the place where it all began: in Second Life, in June.


Zippora Zabelin has been in SL since January 2007 without any particular achievements, but landscaping her own modest home. In first life she lives a rather normal life in the Netherlands with her husband and two sons.  She regularly shares her pondering about this bi-worldly existence on http://zipporaslife.blogspot.com


4 Responses to “June 23rd, 2010: Zippora Zabelin”

  1. Starfire "Star" Silverstar Says:

    (applause) You go birthday girl!!!! I’m very proud of you and I look forward to being able to hear you tell your stories in person some day soon as well!
    Great to meet you! You are truly a very neat lady!! Glad to have you in my Plurkline! (cozy)

  2. Timothy Lilliehook Says:

    And in addition to all this she is one of the loveliest persons I have met in SL. Rock on, kitty sister! :D

  3. Thorgal Says:

    First happy birthday ofcourse :-) Very nice article, will go and find your blog next…

    Storytelling as a living? Even in the netherlands? Very impressive and I’m very curious to know which training you did. Do you tell stories regurlarly in SL? I would like to visit and come listen.

  4. Zippora Zabelin Says:

    *waves at Starfire and Timothy*
    @thorgal: in the Netherlands there are only very few who can really make a living of storytelling. I’d be happy if I can add a bit to my husband’s income (not yet, so far). It’s my intention to tell more often in SL indeed. I’ll keep you posted on my blog ;-)

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