June 24th, 2010: Thadeous Drucker

She said I have ADD.

I woke up this morning at 3:00 A.M. to my housemate yelling at a drunken stranger to get out of the house. Tonight I’ll try to remember to lock the doors. I went back to bed. I dreamt my good friend murdered someone. It made me feel really uncomfortable. I haven’t been able to shake this feeling all day. I need to call him before I go to bed. I woke up at 5 A.M. and did three loads of laundry and had a shower. I had to go to the city today for a job interview. It went well. Despite the fact that I’m a criminal, I interview well. Maybe that can only take you so far. I need to become a more productive citizen. Before leaving town I had to stop at a shop and pick up to breakfast biscuits to be delivered to a friend in Seattle post interview. Breakfast biscuits transport well for 90 miles. My doctor called, it’s not broken. I need to remember ice and ibuprofen. I stopped by a fruit stand and purchased 30 ears of corn and ten pounds of potatoes. I need to remember to buy butter and sour cream.  Then I drove a little further and stopped at an outlet mall. I purchased two new pairs of sneakers and a new backpack for my dog. I need to remember to go to the hardware store so I can build him a dog run at the camp site. A man yelled at me and he said USE YOUR BLINKER. I thought it’s a turn signal. A blinker is a baby name for a turn signal. I came home to a topless lesbian sitting with my topless neighbor. I simply shook my head then checked my laundry. I need to remember to get more detergent.  I took my dog and we went to a large chain store.  A lady yelled at me to pull up my pants. I wanted to talk with her about judgment. I went to my uncles, played basketball with some kids, prepped meals for 40 and now I’ve taken the time to write.

I’m fading fast.


Thadeous Drucker is from a tiny town in the Pacific Northwest just outside of Seattle called Oreopollis. He believes he is a super hero and he spends his days coloring on walls reading the news, trading mixtapes shopping at the market, and overseeing the disillusionment of young children. He also likes riding bikes and eating salsa.


2 Responses to “June 24th, 2010: Thadeous Drucker”

  1. esme Says:

    it’s closer to autism than it is to add

  2. elusyve Says:

    people who don’t understand, should read this, its an excellent glimpse into only a fraction of the nonstop remote control that someone else holds on the brain. Well written!

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