June 25th, 2010: Lavea Alter

Work.  RL work.  SL work.  Most days I feel that’s all I do.  Well, that and take care of my dogs.  Oh, and my dad.  Luckily, SL work is my joy…most days.  Today Addi and I rented a new satellite space.  I spent a bit too much time searching for a shop for it with success!  Odd that something so benign can make me so happy.  Almost three years in SL, and I am still overtaken by some of the beauty that is created in SL.   I’m also disappointed in some of the ugly SL has but that’s just like RL, isn’t it?

SL is my pipeline to my RL sanity, namely Addison Mortlock.  It has been a means for us to hang out even when we can’t be together to truly hang out.  My RL and SL days just aren’t right if I haven’t seen Addi.  I also don’t feel right unless a certain Cat has hugged me far too many times each day.  I’m chuckling now at how odd it sounds that 3-D images hugging is an important part of my dad.

Today wasn’t much different in RL for me than most days and yet it was better than most…all because of some digital barbies.


Lavea Alter is a RL work-from-home contractor that spends far too much time staring at computer screens for her RL and her SL.  She also spends way too much time taking care of other beings and not enough taking care of herself.


One Response to “June 25th, 2010: Lavea Alter”

  1. addisonmortlock Says:

    <3 you.

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