June 28th, 2010: Eva Bellambi

When I sit at my dressing table in the real world and peer into the glass I see a woman with fairly distinct smile lines at her eyes, but those eyes still sparkle and light up when she is happy.  I see someone who has two intelligent, beautiful young daughters, who has achieved many of her professional goals, and has several hobbies that entertain her.  I see the woman who thought that her life was quite full before May 28, 2006.

Now peering into the glass that is Second LIfe, I see a slightly different reflection.  The woman in this mirror – Eva – is me too.   This woman is younger by a few years, has fewer physical flaws, but is most certainly me.  Eva has given me a way to reflect pieces of my personality that had not been visualized – or perhaps had been long forgotten – in the day-to-day that is real life.

May 28, 2006 is the day that Eva Bellambi first rezzed into this brave new world in all her Ruth-like glory.  And while, like many avatars, Eva got off to a slow and tenuous start, she eventually found her voice (my voice) as a fearless explorer, a story-teller, a romantic, an event planner & hostess, a clan chieftainess, an ironclad boat captain.  Through her, I found a way to fill some voids that were in that life I though was already full.

Today, I found myself in world only briefly,  I checked messages and took care of a few bits of business that required my attention.  I admitted to myself that I seem to be in an SL middle-age slump.  “Where is the adventure?  Where are the games now afoot?  What events do I wish to plan?”

But perhaps the beauty of this reflective relationship between Eva and me, is that while I am not experiencing new and exciting things right now in world, the real world is providing lovely experiences for me.

We are not yet finished, Eva and I.  We have much more to do – in both worlds.


Eva Bellambi is a resident of Winterfell Anodyne and has been an active citizen of the Steamlands of SL.  She is the Lady of Skye, Clan Chieftainess of Clan Bellambi, & the Duchess of Loch Avie.  Her typist is a Registered Nurse, and a program manager at an academic medical center in the eastern United States, and enjoys singing, reading, skiing.


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