June 29th, 2010: Carrie Lexington

Today I am in a whirlwind of home visits, trying to touch base with my clients before my vacation.  I will be off work for 1.5 weeks, and I’m trying reduce the amount of voice messages and emails I will be returning to at work.

I forgot to book an agency vehicle, so I’m taking public transit.  I travel from one end of the city to the other, using my travel time to write my casenotes between visits.   As I pass downtown, I look up from my notes to observe the boarded up store fronts and protest graffiti from last weekend’s G8/G20 world leaders summit.  The violence that occurred during the summit was disturbing, however, today it’s back to business as usual.

Casenotes… my head is a jumbled mess of problems, dilemmas, and crises to find solutions for.  No wonder I have an aversion to drama in SL… I see enough of it at work.

Finally, my work day ends and my thoughts turn to my children. Did my son have his afternoon nap? What kind of snack are we going to have when we get home? Last day of school for my daughter, I don’t have to make lunch in the morning anymore!

We have a quick bite to eat, tidy up and sit down to find something to watch… Alice in Wonderland

With the kids settled, I log in to SL, knowing I won’t have much time in-world before I get them ready for bed.  But it’s enough to clear group notices, respond to an IM or two and get my SL fix.

I have been feeling less and less inclined to log in SL for long periods. Summer is here… outdoor activities and weekend trips keep me busy.  I’m looking forward to vacation and quiet time. Maybe I’ll get some time for SL too… 0n second thought, I would rather sleep-in until noon, swim in the lake with my kids, go for a bike ride, and hiking with my family.
My laptop will stay home this time.  Second Life can wait.  Carrie is going to be there waiting for me when I get back, ready to pick up where we left off.


Carrie Lexington is a resident of the Costa Rica Sims Estate.  She is a self-proclaimed people watcher, profile stalker, plurk lurker, sometimes blogger, wannabe model, group jumper, freebie collector and general all-around shopaholic. In the atomic world, she works as a Community/Social Worker for a downtown Toronto grassroots agency.  Active in the social justice movement, her life’s work is dedicated to improving the lives of Aboriginal(Native American) children and their families in Canada. She also spends a good chunk of her spare time breaking up fights between her own kids… damn sibling rivalry.


One Response to “June 29th, 2010: Carrie Lexington”

  1. Chestnut Rau Says:

    hugs you tight……<3 you Carrie!

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