July 1st, 2010: Gin Amiot

When I joined this project, I picked a day far in advance thinking that I would have tons of time to write something clever.  I hoped for a brainstorm of wit, poignancy, and originality.  Two of those have made themselves scarce but I have one point in my favour that guarantees some originality: I am Canadian and today is Canada Day.

Who cares ?  Well, millions of people do and I’m one of them.  I’m very proud to be Canadian and I will appreciate today.

What will I be thinking about ?  I’ll be around town seeing the sights and the people celebrating in their own ways.  I’ll be entertained and I’ll be amused.  I’ll be thinking about Canada and how it is a far-flung community of individuals with myriad differences and commonalities, often mundane but sometimes fantastic and astonishing.  I’ll be asking myself: how am I similar to the people I see ?

A lot of Canadians and non-Canadians have their opinions of what it means to be Canadian.  Every nationality seems to have stereotypes.  Some are reasonable and some are not.  I don’t spend much effort analyzing what it is to be Canadian or how to define one.  There are far too many examples that will seemingly disprove every label.  What makes us occupants of this planet on July 1, 2010 is far more important than what makes us residents of a specific place on it.  The similarities in my hopes and dreams to those of any other person are what I should celebrate instead of emphasizing how I may be different.

How does it relate to SL, if it does at all ?  To be part of SL is not to acquire another citizenship.  But it is a community and each of us plays a role in that community.  The real world is fascinated by political, religious, racial, and idealistic divisions.  In SL, we are drawn together by chance and circumstance on such uncomplicated levels.  We allow friendships to flourish innocent of the boundaries that divide us in RL.

Because SL is an important part of my RL, today you are all Canadian to me.  Happy Canada Day everyone!


Gin Amiot is a small pile of pixels in SL who gives a needed voice to a hopelessly shy and awkward RL person from Vancouver, Canada.  This habitual wallflower earns her RL living behind the scenes in the banking world.  She lives with her boyfriend whom she met, not surprisingly since she abhors social gatherings, at a previous job.  She lives a quiet existence in both lives, hoping to touch a few people’s minds and hearts along the way as she seeks to understand her own.


5 Responses to “July 1st, 2010: Gin Amiot”

  1. Meila Solo Says:

    Gin <3 You are not quiet, stop kidding yourself! lol

  2. Anastasia Trefusis Says:

    Your words came out as beautiful as you truly are, Gin. I feel fortunate to count you among my friends, and proud that you are my fellow Canadian!

  3. AshleePSU Snoodle Says:

    I love you, Gin Amiot!

  4. Ashe Anthony Says:

    Yes, Gin do not underestimate the awesomeness that you are.
    I love you as you are.

  5. Mavrick Benoir Says:

    Gin are my favorite person in SL, and from our seemingly innocuous chats I can tell you are awesome in RL too (even though you abhor talking RL) I just logged on and saw you went “poof”… so sad. I know I have not logged on as much but when I do seeing you on just put a smile on my face. You will be missed. :( well little one I hope to see you again.

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