June 30th, 2010: Eire Kiergarten

It’s 2:30am. I have insomnia, again. At least I don’t work for about 13hrs, so I’m quite content to stay awake tonight. Though it’s probably early to post this, without living the day, I can already tell you what the day will bring. I will sleep until about noon, maybe get up earlier for the laundry I need to do for work (chef jackets and pants). After that, I will sit on the computer for a period of time, talking to people, checking files, web comics, and pictures for upload. Since I’m on a laptop that doesn’t run SL, I will log into Skype to talk to my SL friends, but otherwise will be offline today. Again. Like I have been for the last 2 months.

I work at 4pm in a pub, in the kitchen. Hopefully, I won’t cut my finger, scrape my arm, burn anything, or get into a shouting match with my co-worker, but it is a kitchen, so most likely, something will happen. A kitchen is never calm; there is just an eye of the hurricane. And since its Wednesday, I don’t have Rugby practice to work out my stress. Tomorrow is Canada Day, practice is cancelled, and I work early, so when I finally get off work today (11pm) I will be taking whatever stress I have out on monsters in Dungeons and Dragons.

My day in a nutshell. While the times that I start at work change, or the event after work, nothing else really will change. Being in a resort town, you’d think I’d get out more, go to the bars, the clubs, out with friends, take in the sights. The mountains are right there, and it’s a lovely place to hike, bike, and just walk around. It’s funny, I came 9hrs from home to sit in a different room, be on a different laptop, and have my ‘sabbatical’, as my significant other calls it. I may never climb the mountains, go see the bears, camp out under the stars, or bike to the nearest town and back, but I feel better here. And though my day is from one ‘dungeon’ to another, I love it. Go Banff.


Eire Kiergarten runs More Then Zombies Love Brains, a store for funky clothes and accessories. When not in SL, she spreads her time like peanut butter and jelly between her online and offline friends, Rugby, graphic design, and post-secondary education. Currently an Undeclared Arts, she is taking classes for writing, and hopes to be a journalist or at the least write stories and essays that cover her favorite topics. Currently living in Banff, Alberta, she usually calls Regina, Saskatchewan home.


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