July 2nd, 2010: Amelie Bramlington

As I finished the grocery shopping today,
I decided to take a stroll at the park.
Hopping over several puddles, i got lost in thoughts . . .

– Wouldn’t it be nice if there’d be “un peu d’air”
between this oh so never-ending
world – as it appears-  and our feet?

Not a lot different, i mean … just a tiny weeny bit.
A frail gentle breeze, which is easing the burden on us …
A balmy mild puff, carrying us away
– no matter in which direction.

Simply “un peu d’air”… the light gentle breeze,
which is closing our eyes & putting our heads back.
And we don’t know where it will take us,
or if it will still be there tomorrow.
We know nothing at all, we merely feel.
Softly, so unbelievably softly will the mild breeze –
between the bottom and our feet – catch us .

Whensoever we jumped too high once again, or fell too deep.

I feel the breath of air on my fingertips,
and its like the first time
I see how tremendously fragility can be.
But somewhere along the line …gravity will catch me up,
forcing me to go back on my feet…on my own again.

But would it be presumptuous
if I would close my eyes once more,
regardless of where live would take me there ?


Amelie Bramlington is a 19-year-old daydreaming student from Erlangen – bavaria, germany – who’s “in love with the world through the eyes of a girl, who’s still around the morning after” & who’s a lot on mindvacations.


3 Responses to “July 2nd, 2010: Amelie Bramlington”

  1. Verona Valentin Says:

    Elliott Smith – YES!

  2. Christensia Parkin Says:

    beautiful! amelie :) <33333

  3. Amelie Bramlington Says:

    Thank you Verona & Christensia :)

    ye, Elliott Smith is wonderful, “say yes” ♥!

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