July 4th, 2010: Francii Loxley

Today is the Fourth of July; Independence Day. A day many Americans will spend celebrating with patriotic displays of parades and fireworks.
I, on the other hand, have my very own set of fireworks going off today. Today my tummy is doing flips and I’m nervous for what awaits me tomorrow.

I am 18 weeks pregnant; and tomorrow marks the day of my second official antenatal scan. The thought of coming home tomorrow at 10am and knowing the sex of the little person inside me is so overwhelming to me. Being pregnant is something I never imagined I would be, certainly not at 22, and having only dated my boyfriend (now ex) for a few weeks before. But this unplanned event in my life is one I know I will never regret.

My mind cannot help going over baby names, how to decorate his or her room, everything I can possibly think of. I long to be able to put a label to my child. Baby boy or Baby girl. Of course, I may not find out, but the thought of being able to see my baby on that little screen again makes my heart flutter.

Tomorrow I will no doubt be crying as I see my child. I’ll then spend the rest of my day deliriously happy with a constant smile on my face, bugging anyone who will listen.

But for today, my unborn child and I are having our very own independence day, celebrating the joy of having my very own little family in a few months.


Francii Loxley is a 22 year old English girl living her life working from her flat (where she lives alone) as a supply & staff manager for her parent’s family restaurant. In her second life Frannie runs around the grid as a 5 year old child avatar (and occasionally as her adult self) with the most amazing and supportive SL family. She can be found blogging for Cosmic Scribbles, along with her best friends, and the newest addition to the blog, Baby Scribble.


7 Responses to “July 4th, 2010: Francii Loxley”

  1. Meila Solo Says:

    Congrats <3 Many wishes and blessings!

  2. Abby Mcdonnagh Says:

    <3333 Congratulations and now we know what your little baby scribble will be. But I won't tell, that is your job!

    Frannie you amaze me. I am so proud of you and blessed to be your friend.

  3. jemmie Says:

    <3 Frannie!

  4. Magen Jigsaw Says:

    You are going to be an amazing Momma Fran! You are already an amazing best friend… <3

  5. Bam Beedit Says:

    Im wishing you all the luck in the world with scans and big tummy and aching calves! I totally admire you!!

  6. Francii Loxely Says:

    Thankyou all so much! It means alot

    <3 ily guys

  7. Sophia Harlow Says:

    This really touched me…

    I wish you and your unborn sweetheart a life full of much love and happiness.

    xo – Sophia Harlow

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