July 5th, 2010: Kyria Tomsen

I spent the morning taking pictures of the river where I live. The river boat, the bridge, the aquarium… Hi, I’m a river rat. I grew up on the banks of this river, and as much as I cannot stand the political system in the city, or the fact that you can’t throw a rock and hit somebody that doesn’t know somebody that you know, I love this river. You probably shouldn’t eat the catfish. I hear there’s a limit. Oh, and pregnant women shouldn’t touch the water. Yeah, it’s that bad. When I remember my childhood, I remember the sky being a sickly green color. I found out recently that I wasn’t making that up. It actually was green.

I brought home my pictures and have been sleepily working on them. I want to cover the river in oil. I’m not feeling particularly vindictive today, but thanks for asking. I’m trying to raise awareness (and money) to help the clean up efforts in the gulf. Yeah, yeah, go me. It’s not as simple as just wanting to help the gulf. I *do*, but it’s about causing change. Not just change in the gulf, not just change in my city, but change in me and my life.

Six months ago, I would have just been sad about the gulf. I would have stuck to my job, which I don’t really care for. However, six months ago today, the difference of less than an inch could have ended my life. I was attacked by a dog during work, and the first bite landed less than an inch from my femoral artery.

I just finished my third set of physical therapy last friday. At least one more to go, though. I’ve lost twelve pounds, enrolled in the local university, admitted to a friend of fifteen years that I’m in love with him, made plans to learn how to snowboard, and started what I hope will be a movement to save birds, turtles, and dolphins, oh my.

It’s my hope for all of you that you get to see how you can make a change, in your life, in the lives of others and in the world.


Kyria Tomsen has not logged into SL this week because of exhaustion. She’s 35 years old and from Chattanooga, TN. She is working on her history degree and working at a soul sucking job that pays very little. She has previously designed furniture in SL, but due to an inability to focus, was unable to master menu driven furniture options. She chose this picture taken by Arcadia Nightfire in honor of her love for Louisiana, long flowy dresses, and graveyards. She is currently hoping to raise money, supplies, and awareness for the gulf oil spill to help out her swamp rat friends. She also hopes that you’ll all send cards when she breaks her leg this winter on the slopes.


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