July 7th, 2010: Prad Prathivi

It’s been five years to the day when I had to make my way into Central London for a meeting in Covent Garden. I remember arriving in Waterloo early, as I knew I was in for a long day. I had no idea just how long it would turn out to be.

Making my usual trip down into the London Underground, or the “Tube” as we call it, I got on board and opted to stand and let somebody else take a seat. I like to study my fellow passengers and see what I can learn about them, but this morning, it’d be the driver’s voice which would captivate my attention.

“Ladies and Gentlemen – There has been an incident up ahead. This train will be stopping here for the time being until we know more”.

Some soft groans as the summer heat started to set in amongst my fellow passengers and I realised I was going to be cutting it close.

“Ladies and Gentlemen – there appears to have been a serious incident ahead and London Underground is being evacuated. Please exit the trains and follow staff along the track back to Charing Cross Station”.
At that point, we all knew it had happened. The much feared terrorist attack on the Tube. A hundred questions run through your mind, but as a hardened Brit, we’re used to terrorism. The primary question is always “Okay.. how do I get to Leicester Square from here?”

Five years on, and I’m working in a Central London office. Terrorism doesn’t cross my mind except for this day, when I could easily have found myself on the wrong tube train or bus. My day is spent working in Second Life and Opensim, creating and designing. Perhaps odd that in the protective bubble of the virtual world where there is no physical harm, I could still come so near to death in the real world. But still I’ll carry on as though life is normal.

Because life is normal. And today is just another day.


Prad Prathivi is a twenty-something living in London, England and enjoys adrenaline sports, social media & technology and a glass of wine in the evening. He does not enjoy Big Brother. He has a strong passion for architecture and has studied it for the past 5 years, and has been a Second Life user for the past 4 years and tried his hand at pretty much everything there. He writes a virtual worlds commentary blog at Metaversally Speaking, puts two prims together and calls it art in SL, and works for Rezzable in the real world.


2 Responses to “July 7th, 2010: Prad Prathivi”

  1. Winter Says:

    I’m kinda glad you weren’t on that train – you are sometimes interesting to have around.


  2. Jo Says:

    My boyfriend was also on the tube on the same line at that exact time.
    I saw it all unfold on the news knowing that he was on a tube train, because he’d called me just moments before.

    It was terrifying because there was nothing I could do and I wasn’t able to contact him on his phone, I was convinced he was on that particular train and was dead or injured. Thankfully he was fine, but I didn’t find out until hours later.

    It’s awful to think what could have been, and about the poor people who were killed and their families, but, life goes on and there is no point in dwelling on it.

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