July 8th, 2010: Seriphena Babenco

Three words the average person should never have to hear: Glasgow Coma Scale. To those of you who know what I’m referring to, I’m so terribly sorry. For those who don’t…count your blessings. The GCS is a scale which rates somebody’s response levels while in a coma, in a range of 3-15, 3 being the worst, 15 being alert and coherent. The day I was told that my 52-year-old mother was a 3 and would probably never recover, I was convinced was the worst day of my life. But I was wrong. That day came 65 days later, when she died in my arms in hospice.

And what exactly does this have to do with Second Life, you ask? Well, a lot. And at the same time, nothing.  When my world fell apart, my best friends and my family helped put it back together when I was incapable of doing so. My sisters, Erica and Manda, my best friend Graham, and my daughters, Nica and Anya picked me up, coddled me, and gave me a kick in the derriere when needed. The thing is..Erica and Manda, they’re not my blood sisters. They’re my SL sisters, whom I love as dearly as if they were blood. Nica and Anya, also not my real daughters, but I love them like they are. And Graham? He’s my best friend going on 3 years, but we’ve never even met. But when I had to be strong for my father and my  sister, they were the family I had who I could be weak with, who let me sob and scream and curse the world for even being able to exist while I was in so much pain.

It’s been 57 days since I lost my mother. 57 days that I’ve cried. 57 days that I wasn’t sure I could ever get through. 57 days where I’ve thanked the Gods that I logged on to SL 3 years ago and was blessed enough to find the most amazing people I could ever ask for.

So what does this post have to do with Second Life? Everything…and nothing. Because they’re my real life now…second life be damned.


Seriphena Babenco, when she actually IS in world, can usually be found with her amazing family, or else compulsively shopping.  The face behind Seri usually keeps her away from the game because the beaches of SoCal are just too tempting to pass up for any 25-year-old in her right mind. She lives with her singing OCD roommate and her psychotic kitten, Binx.


5 Responses to “July 8th, 2010: Seriphena Babenco”

  1. Anyalia Pearl Says:

    I love you and you are an amazing person inside and out. I’m glad to have met you and found such a wonderful friend…..and sl mom <3

  2. Veronica Kanya Says:

    I know words can never ease the pain from what you have went through..but i’ll always try to be there for you in anyway that i can. When i started sl I never in a million years thought i would meet someone as wonderful as you…and you have been beyond a friend in so many ways irl and sl. I just just cherish and value our friendship…and meeting you has meant so much to me.

    hugssss and hugsss
    love you
    veronica aka nica hehe

  3. Summer Deadlight Says:

    When I read this, I burst into tears. I can really understand. I lost my mother in Dec 2005. I was just starting Second Life for a few months, and was so absorbed in SL that I ignored taking phone calls, cancelled going home for Christmas and not paying attention. She had a stroke and was in a coma, and she waited in that coma, til I could drive home and then she died the next day after I got there. She did get me to come home that year. That year I had some SL friends, but eventually I quit SL and became suicidal. I had no one, and finally sought counseling.

    I can imagine, knowing how close you can get in SL to others, that it is an amazing source of comfort. It is just as real and as emotinally and spiritually connecting and maybe moreso than real life. I just want you to know that I experienced something similar, and its been a long road since then. I wish you the best and I am glad to know you have people who give you the comfort, care and love that you need!

    I am sorry for your loss.


  4. Laharan Rhiadra Says:

    They’ve pretty much said it all. All I can say is that if anything horrific happens again, (gods I hope not), I’ll still be right here. Phone in one hand, drinkage in the other.

    ilu sisserface.


  5. Seriphena Babenco Says:

    Summer, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your loss. It’s easy to believe that they’re going to be there forever, especially when they’re so young, and taken so suddenly. I’m glad you’ve been able to come out strong in the end though. If you ever need to talk, you can reach me inworld. Us bruised and battered kids gotta stick together.

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