July 10th, 2010: Clementine Ishtari

“Aha” moments. I got that term from Oprah. They are the moments in time, that while you might not realize it then, profoundly change your life. My “Aha” moment was a fight with my father over something stupid. The kind of fight where it has you, instead of the other way around. Familiar feelings of anger and confusion arose inside of me as the argument grew more heated and all of a sudden he raised his hand to me. It’s funny how you can go from an adult to a child again in an instant, but that’s what happened. I froze as the child in me ran to a corner to escape the almost certain barrage that was sure to follow, but this time I stopped her, made her turn around and look at him with me. I don’t remember going to defend myself but as I did, I looked him squarely in the eye and heard her voice, that little girl’s voice come out of my mouth as I said to him, “I am NOT that little girl anymore.” I’m sure the look on his face matched mine as I calmly turned around and walked away. It wasn’t until I got to my room, that I collapsed on the bed shaking and sobbing, when all of a sudden I just stopped. He can’t hurt me anymore. NO ONE can hurt me anymore. That one little statement was amazingly empowering and that is the day my life changed and everything started to fall into place for me.

That’s not to say that I still don’t have days when that little girl in me comes back around. I still find it challenging in both lives to realize that I can change the things that I don’t like, as well as to put that “power” into action. Every “Aha” moment we have causes a ripple that expands outward and fades into the greater good. They don’t need to be big moments. Sometimes it’s the little moments that turn out to have the biggest impact, but one thing is certain… It’s amazing what we can do when we realize our own power.


Clementine Ishtari hates writing blurbs about herself, but here goes anyway. She is a 36-year-old mother to the most amazing son in the world. In SL she is the owner of Awesome Blossom, a little store that caters to the fun and silly side in all of us. She is blessed with an amazing group of friends who extend beyond the virtual world that she met them in. She is a lover of all things Apple, an unapologetic Starbucks addict, loves sushi, Grey’s Anatomy & Glee (don’t judge her) and has no qualms about jumping in puddles after a summer rainstorm. When not in SL creating, playing Greedy with friends or shaking her tiny fist, she can be found gardening, chasing her pug and drooling over the shiny gadgets at her local Apple store.


5 Responses to “July 10th, 2010: Clementine Ishtari”

  1. Bella Baroque Says:

    Clem, Ily more now if that’s even possible. Thank you for being brave and sharing a moment like this with us. I’m sure many can relate and it explains how you got to be the amazingly strong and compassionate person you are today. <3 you ISHITari :D

  2. Arianna Earst Says:

    I went through a similar experience as a teenager with my father and I still remember those moments in my life where things took a complete turn in my life because I realized that I was able to stand up for myself. I realized then that I was not as helpless as I thought. Thank you for sharing this moment in your life and the power you received from it.

  3. Starfire "Star" Silverstar Says:

    It’s GREAT that you were brave enough to share this AHA moment in time with us!! I’m so glad that the big girl in you and the little girl in you were able to “shake your tiny fist” at just the right time.

    Also, I agree- “YES” it is amazing what we can do when we realize our own power! I am thrilled that you found yours! And by having the courage to share your story with others I have no doubt that you just might inspire another woman to realize her own power as well!

    You GO GIRLFRIEND!!! *shake that tiny fist proudly and loudly*!!! (cozy) (heart) <3 <3 <3
    Many Blessings!!!

  4. Sophia Harlow Says:

    Plain and simple…you make me feel really proud to be your friend.

    I love you and your tiny fist.


  5. Emerian Rich Says:

    I can relate and this is REALLY powerful stuff. Great read. Thanks.

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