July 12th, 2010: Geryn Sloane

I was worried about what I would write for today….but I hardly had a moment to think about it for the past week or so!  So that is going to be my topic.   I love my SL, like so many others here it has been an escape from the real world but SL has given me many opportunities to accomplish things I never could have done otherwise.

Some might say if I logged off once in a while I might accomplish more in RL, but I know that’s not true.  Age is catching up with me making it physically impossible to do many things but my SL is as real to me as my real life, only more ideal….here I am a fashion designer, getting to live the dreams I had in high school. I’m getting noticed and even making some money!  Here I can go dancing all night, hear  great music all day, visit exotic locations, and spend lindens like I was a millionaire.  Then I realized that I work harder at my SL than I do in RL because it is a joy for me!  I am too busy at times, maybe have too much on my plate, but its  exciting and stimulating and I thrive here in ways I never have and never could.

Some may dismiss this as fantasy, foolish dreams or a waste of time  but the reality of it for me is that I have made new friends from all over the world, traveled virtually to wonderful places, experienced things that aren’t even possible in RL, and witnessed more beauty created by talented people who, like me, might only attain these things in SL.

I may be busier than ever, but every second is a wonder and a pleasure that energizes me and I would not give it up for anything!


Geryn Sloane is the virtual representation of Deb Grove who claims full responsibility for her behavior. She is Geryn and Geryn is her, at least personality-wise!  They share a love of art and music and creating beauty to share with whoever needs to smile. Sometimes they get into mischief…but they are happy knowing they can always teleport out!


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