July 13th, 2010: Bosshog Daxter

This morning my alarm went off and I was so not ready for that.  I mean, who set that thing for 8am anyhow?

Luckily the commute was not too bad.  My office is just down the hall.  Today was filled with non stop chaos at work.  When you work in Tech Support no one is happy when their things are broken.  I spent about 4 hours on the phone with a client and luckily by the end I had their problem fixed.  It’s such a wonderful feeling when they stop and say “Thank you so much!”.  By the end of the day I was pretty worn out and it was time for dinner.  So I closed down for the day and I left my office.

It was good to relax and spend some time after such a day.  After dinner I decided to get online and hang out with some friends.  We just talked about our day and just kinda hung out.


Bosshog Daxter lives in Northern West Virginia and loves to play in SL and World of Warcraft online.  When he is not online he likes to hunt, fish and donate his time with the Local 4-H Group.


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