July 14th, 2010: Lenka Tiratzo

Waking up all sweaty has become my daily routine lately. From the early morning, sun shines through my window and makes me want to move to Antarctica. This summer I was supposed to have my very last holidays as a student. Sadly, my no-sense for responsibility had caused that I didn’t send my dissertation to the school office on time and had to move the date of my final exam to September. Some people are scared when you say spiders or ghosts, but I get dizzy when I hear the word “dissertation”. Every morning for the last 2 months I sit by my laptop, stare at it for an hour, write two or four sentences, delete them, close my laptop and go to my other computer, log into SL and just exist. My clown side, my constant need to entertain people, make them laugh or at least giggle… is somehow at the very bottom of myself. I dig for it time to time but luckily those who matter the most don’t want me to be the funny gal all the time and realize that I have my ups and downs just like them.

Two days ago I became 24. Do you know those people who freak out when they get a year older, stop and think about how they will never get married nor have kids… and see themselves being eaten by wolf-dogs? Well, hello – that would be me. This morning when I was buying my crappy cigarettes, the shop assistant asked me if I was 18 yet. That was the moment. I might be a year older but I have also met people who mean so much to me that I keep on logging to SL (and I look 18 Woooo!). I am healthy, I have both my legs and arms and my brain doesn’t seem to be two miles away from my head. If I wanted to, I could do just anything that comes to my mind. If I wanted to. I guess I still have no idea what I want from life – but I surely know what I don’t want. Belive it or not, that is also a point you can start to build on.


Lenka Tiratzo is a 24 years old student from the Czech republic. No, she doesn’t live in Prague. She works as a lector in the area of a primary prevention for kids in primary schools. In September she hopes to finish school, go to England to visit Catya and Dannii – who she met in SL and already had met them once in RL, and after coming back finally sort her life out. In Second Life she is a hostess at the SLeek Beach Club. Mostly you can find her there being way inappropriate but feeling very herself surrounded by the most amazing people in SL. She doesn’t own any shops, has never built a single box in-world nor has ever recorded a gesture sound, never been partnered, never had an SL wedding nor a pixel baby. What she have done many times, on the other hand, is appreciating her SL friends who are in many ways more real to her than most of the people who she knows in RL.


4 Responses to “July 14th, 2010: Lenka Tiratzo”

  1. Christensia Parkin Says:

    Awww Lenks! you know we love u the way u are … one of the most amazing Girls on SL for sure :D. Its nice to know what u dont wanna do ..so that could lead you to positive doors with wide possibilities :D …keep goin gal! .. <3 ya :))

  2. Asia Romano Says:

    Great 365 post Lenka, good luck with your dissertation, and woot at being asked if you are over eighteen :)

  3. Lenka Tiratzo Says:

    Crissy ♥ thank you for such sweet words:) U make me smile, here n in-world as well – u crazy crazy wicked gal:)
    Asia! I mean – Posh!) Thank you as well – we need to party soon, I need new classy quotes to my vocabulary:)
    Thank you gurls again n really:)

  4. September 18th, 2010: Lenka Tiratzo – Cont’d « Two Three Six Five Says:

    […] Lenka’s previous post was on July 14th, 2010. […]

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