July 15th, 2010: Aldwyn Zanzibar

Dear Diary,

Today started out pretty typical.   Wake up, walk the dogs with the wife, shower, eat breakfast while reading/debating/discussing the news with the wife, brush teeth, check emails, kiss wife goodbye, grope her inappropriately (kids are still asleep so no groans of “DAD!  Gross!), drive to work.

Last night was really great too.   I finished another online quiz for psychology class.   I didn’t get quite as high of a score as I wanted, but it was HARD!  These classes have been interesting, but very hard.  It’s only been like 20 years since I have been in a classroom!   But it will all be worth it in the end.

As for Second Life, things have been really good lately.   REALLY good.   I have been hanging with some friends a lot recently, and it is so nice to be able to just be silly/lazy/crazy all without having to worry about things.   This is what Second Life has always been about for me (well, mostly).   Finding good friends to do the things that are not possible, or probable in Real Life!   Where else can you try and drive your ski-boat into someone’s house at 11:30pm!   Such a crazy place and I love it!

Anyway Diary, I am constantly amazed at how my Second Life experiences enhance my Real Life.   These two classes I am taking require quite a bit of writing.   All the blogging and article writing I have done in Second Life has really helped me hone my writing skills.  I wrote my first paper for school, and when the wife reviewed it (she is a high school history teacher), she just looked at me and said “Damn babe!  That is GOOD!”.

I also heard from a few friends during casual chats on how they have taken things they have learned in Second Life and applied them to Real Life, with great results!  I have always said that Second Life is the perfect “testing ground” for possible changes to your Real Life.   I see it happening more and more.  So much for “It’s just a game”.

Why is July 15th special?   It’s the halfway mark in my favorite month!  And the end gets even better!


Aldwyn Zanzibar was born into Second Life as a reincarnation to blog.   He ended up being so much more than that, and could not be happier about it!   Living on west coast time, he explores this world, sometimes writing about it, mostly just having the time of his life, all while saving the Real World from computer disasters! (in other words, IT GEEK!)


4 Responses to “July 15th, 2010: Aldwyn Zanzibar”

  1. Thorgal McGillivary Says:

    Nice text.. made me smile and nod in agreement :-)

  2. Sophia Harlow Says:

    You have no idea how much you have taught me in so many different aspects. Thank you for your every kindness, for sharing things with me…even after I gave you ample reason to never be my friend again. You are a truly awesome dude…my favorite very wise bumper sticker.

    P.S. don’t get used to my being this nice to you… *kicks you*

  3. Alicia Chenaux Says:

    Feel free to drive your boat into my house any time. :)

  4. Burly Tigerpaw Says:

    Aldwyn, glad you are seeking some good things in your life! Thats what its all about. I am a frequent SL’er and an admissions advisor at a national online university…I was amazed at the level of education one can receive there when I first started! But both enrich my life beyond just a dream! See you in the funnies! Burly Tigerpaw… http://www.flickr.com/people/21078784@N07/

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