July 16th, 2010: Bells Semyorka

I’ve been sitting here thinking about how much this virtual world has meant to me and truth be told I’m tearing up a bit; darn my emotional nature. For Me Second Life is much more than a computer program and here is why.

I’ve been planning a major event in Real Life and I have Second Life to thank for it. You see, this weekend I am marrying my Second Life partner, which is something I never thought was possible when I first joined this virtual world over three years ago. Trust me, if you would have said I was going to marry the noob looking guy I met through a mutual friend, I would have laughed. I’ve heard it all during the past couple of months; friends and family saying I was crazy, adventurous, Lucky, Willful, but above all they recognized that we really are in love.

Today I will start my Friday like I normally do. By logging into SL at 12:00am SLT for the Fifty Linden Fridays and sorting inventory until my sleeping pill kicks in. I’m afraid I won’t have time to do more than that in SL today. In the morning I will be finalizing the last of the wedding details and tonight is my bachelorette party.

Before I end this post I just want to say Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful community, for giving me strength and advice when I need it and for letting me discover  more about myself than I ever thought possible.


Bells Semyorka is in the Summer of her 27th year and is in the middle of a transatlantic move from America to Italy. She is currently enjoying her last days in America traveling to different cities in Texas. While she thinks of new ways to annoy her soon to be hubby while she’s behind the wheel of the car. Currently singing loudly off key has no effect on him.  Her days in SL are spent sorting inventory, shopping and taking photos for her blog, http://bellssemyorka.blogspot.com/ She’s not an expert in anything and often asks for help from the wonderful plurkies of Second Life.


One Response to “July 16th, 2010: Bells Semyorka”

  1. Starfire "Star" Silverstar Says:

    Nice to hear of another happy SL couple that takes it to RL!!!! WOOT!!! Also I see another one like me crazy enough to leave the States for Europe!!! Except I’m going from West Coast USA to Netherlands to move in with my SL partner.

    So from one happy SL/RL connection couple to another….you GO GIRL!!! Have fun and good luck to you!!! Plurk on!!! (feel free to friend me in Plurk too)

    Xxxxses N SL Hugz!!!


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