July 18th, 2010: FionaRose Bartavelle

A year has passed since a day I know now call special. Some would think it could be my rezday. No. It isn’t my rezday. It is an anniversary day. A year ago, I met Marienne Eiren. Someone who I consider my friend. Someone I consider my sister. Someone I consider my twin. A year ago, she was just a cousin. Now, she is my twin, and my real life best friend. She helped me become someone stronger, all by just being herself. She also stayed with me through a lot. She even believed in me when not even I believed in myself. She also didn’t stop talking to me after two weeks of knowing each other when I told her I was a transgirl. She even acts like a real sister when I have my blond moments by poking fun at it, and it sometimes ends up being something special afterwords. My friend, my sister, my twin means a lot to me.

In my real life, I am trying to get my bachelors degree in English. Before meeting Marienne, I wanted to go to South Korea to teach English as a second language just to teach. Now I want to do that AND go visit her. I am now working hard than I used to just so that there is no chance to fail that goal. Plus, she helped me with learning Korean (though she wasn’t the only one that helped me with my school work.)

A year ago, I was adopted into a family where I met her. I went to being her sister/twin after a few months, and then a month later, we went back to cousins after a family change. Now I am back to being her sister/twin and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are Best Friends Forever, in any world, at any time.


FionaRose Bartavelle is a 6 year old twin girl in Second Life. She is the daughter of Brie Pinazzo and Walter Kovacs. She is the younger sister of Vernice Burks and the sister of Kylei Benoir and Marienne Eiren. She used to own a store along with her twin by the name of Sparklez in the Attic or [SiA] for short, but has now pushed her focus on learning how to make poses and textures.  In real life, she is a 19 year old transgirl/college student.


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