July 19th, 2010: Rance Alva

Some folks may say that I have been involved with Second Life for far too long. I might have blown off an actual social event or two, for this virtual world, but don’t feel bad, it was a social event with a bunch of people I really had no interest in getting to know in the first place, I know it does sound bad but there was some good things to come out of it. But if there was one thing I could really talk about and really give a lot of credit to, is that being in SL really expanded my love of music.  Getting mixed in the crowd that I did and meeting the people who I’ve met with the musical interest they have I gotten a chance to really listen to a bunch of sounds that I probably would have had over looked or not even have a strong interest in hearing.  It has really changed my musical taste, and challenged me to want to seek out new artist and/or bands to listen to!  The love of all this music has grown so much to the point where I’ve actually got into music manipulation myself, I’ve started making song edits, warps, remixes, and full on mixtapes (and when I say mixtapes I mean when a DJ select songs to put in a continuous stream and have each song MIX with one another to make a single musical experience).  I now hope to pursue a career that is music related!

…ok, I know a few of you who know me might be a little disappointed are thinking “what, no stories about buck naked ladies with bananas?”, No, no.. not this time, but the point I’m trying to make here:

Your friends will come and go.
People you admire and look up to may crush you.
But it not as nearly as bad as long as you have a constructive hobby to work though it.


Rance Alva is a DJ who plays in various places but frequents The Velvet, Laundromat, Crow’s Foot and Kazenojin’s Powerstation.  He currently 25 years old and resides in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Check out his music and mixtapes at http://rancifer.blogspot.com/


One Response to “July 19th, 2010: Rance Alva”

  1. clarkbowenford Says:

    Rance is awesome. Lubbs. <3

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