July 20th, 2010: Veronica Kanya

3am and I’m still not totally packed. You’d think by how much I was packing and how insane I was going about making sure I had everything That I knew I was going to stay in LA. The thing is I had no idea I was going to end up staying here. See I met Bowen online, but not on SL. We both were viral video makers and we connected when we found out our birthdays. His is on December the 10th and mine is on the 11th. That was the jump off to tons of IMs, emails, and phone calls, then after a month of that, the plane ticket.

I was terrified about meeting him, but not for the “He is going to totally hack me up” reason. We were in love before we even touched each other and I had never felt being in love that intensely and it scared me because we hadn’t met yet. I never would have thought that I would meet my soul mate online and be with him for 3 years now, but yes I did. When I got to LA we had a wonderful week, and then it was time for me to head back to Florida. I remember going up the stairs and seeing him with his sad face and his “Thundercats” T-shirt looking up at me.

While in line I kissed my plane ticket and said “God, if I’m supposed to stay here in LA please give me a sign”. Well when I got into wonderful Houston… I found out all the flights to Florida were canceled due to weather. I would have to sit in the airport all night. I almost started crying and then I thought, “Was this a sign?” I called the airlines and they told me there was nothing they could do, so I asked, “can you fly me back to LAX at no extra charge and tonight”. I waited thinking there is no way she will say yes. She then said, “Yes we can… we will just get you on standby”. I Changed my Ticket then called my mom and she said, “I knew you weren’t coming back… send me an In ‘n Out burger”. Back on the plane… headed to my new home. I looked out the window excited. Stepping off the plane I see my future walking up to me. We hugged and kissed, and we haven’t stopped kissing since.


Veronica Kanya is a Second Life robot representative for Erica sent from the future. She is the owner of ::^^Tasty^^:: with her fiance Bowen where they claim to make stuff for people to use. In real life Erica is a 30-year-old actress/comedian who lives in Los Angeles with her fiance Bowen where they both enjoy the wonderful world of Second Life together. She loves movies, music, and just anything art related. One of the things that drew her to SL and keeps her coming back is all of the wonderfully creative minds that are in SL, and all of the people that she feels honored to call her friends. She also has 3 dogs –Peanut, Cricket and Buck, who are more than likely plotting ways to get her to give them a treat right as you read this.


4 Responses to “July 20th, 2010: Veronica Kanya”

  1. Anyalia Pearl Says:

    The only thing I can think to say is that I love you and I’m so glad you found your soulmate. So many times we go through too many wrong ones before we find the one who compliments us perfecty. I’m happy for you two and I’m more than happy to have you both in my life. <3

  2. Stacie Pryor Says:

    Aww… what a heart-warming story! You’re an amazing lady, Nica. Bowen is super lucky! <3

  3. Veronica Kanya Says:

    @ anya…..you have been though so much with me…and i’m so happy that you have found your soulmate also, and to have you and your whole family in our life <3

  4. Veronica Kanya Says:

    Thank you so much for reading it stacie..and you are pretty amazing yourself. thank you for being a friend. hugs <3 *I totally did the golden girls theme there lol*

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