July 25th, 2010: Frostie Melody

In August 2009, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland to begin my Masters in Electronic Media….
During November of that year I decided to join Second Life not really knowing what I was going to do, but hopefully find a way to generate art in some form.  My focus is in Video and Installation and I was hoping to find content for a series of works…. This didn’t happen.  But what did happen was a way to find creative individuals, creative expression with minimal risk.
Moving to Baltimore was a big change.  I left my beloved Austin, Texas to live in an old city, full of crime and crabs, knowing not much of anyone, except for my program mates.  Being a social person Second Life fulfilled what I was missing in real life.  A group of great friends.
One day I stumbled on a location pick for The Laundromat, an indie music club, and decided to check it out.  I went and was surprised at all the good music that I heard, and the friendly people I met.  In Austin we would throw large dance parties in our house, and the feeling I felt at the Laundro was similar to the fun times I had back home.  I met a ton of interesting people that helped to nurture the musical bug that had laid dormant in the transition of moving.  I began DJing at a few places inworld.  It forced me to consistently find new music to share and opened a dialogue about music amongst other things.  So far I find myself a bit addicted to SL, which may or may not be a bad thing, I have made some close friends inworld.  The amount of sharing and exchanging of oneself and identity is what keeps me here.


Frostie Melody lives in Baltimore, MD and attends art school at M.I.C.A.  She currently DJ’s at The Laundromat on Thursdays and Bombay Indie on Fridays.


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