July 26th, 2010: Marienne Eiren

It has been already a week from my first camp in second life. I was looking forward to it since I couldn’t join winter camp for some reason. But at same time, I was very nervous because of my personal issues like time difference and language. I was wondering if I could make it before camp has begun. Now I made it and have enjoyed it so much. I’ve met new awesome friends and got to know more about my amazing old friends. I can never thank enough to Mister Gattz and Miss Jill for everything they have done for camp for kids avatars in second life. One week long and with 2 full sims they and all counselors have put their everything for it. Camp HardKnock would be the best event SL kids could ever ask for. Even though I had to deal with lag like any other event, but I’ve loved even the lag too. It was more than worth to be in.

I was born and grown up in South Korea. My mother couldn’t have any more children after me, and my father was the first son to his family. My grand parents believed that only son should be in succession of a family as like many of old people in South Korea do, they were very disappointed. I’ve been treated very stern and became so timid and shy. I wanted to be different but haven’t had any courage.

But in this world of Second Life, all of my family and friends encouraged me to be what I wanted to. Sopha and Free helped me a lot to settle since I’ve stepped in. Shayenne gave birth to me in her heart and now she is my soul mate. Babydoll gave me opportunity to be a model for her and now I am very proud of it. Mommy Brie, daddy Walter and sissy Kylei opened their arms wide for me when I needed them and I love them so much. My twin FionaRose has been there for me since we’ve met and I will be always there for her. I really appreciate everyone who made my Second Life whether they know or not.


Marienne Eiren was born, grew up, and is living in South Korea with her husband. In SL she is a child avatar. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, and also loves to play with prims or take photos. She thinks she is still new to SL, and hopes to learn more about what she can do.


2 Responses to “July 26th, 2010: Marienne Eiren”

  1. Shayenne Says:

    That’s a very touching story marielein :) I hope you will always be happy and thank you for you wonderful words. I will always love you no matter what. Keep going on, you are such a sweet and kind girl, always helpful, never with drama. and that’s what makes you so special.

  2. FionaRose Bartavelle Says:

    Love you sissy <3 you've helped me just as much just by being there. *Hugs*

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