July 28th, 2010: Finn Lawksley

One hundred seventy-seven questions.

One hundred seventy-seven questions to figure out what kind of person you are; where your strengths lay.

Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or extrovert? Are you happier remembering the past or contemplating the future? Do you learn something by being shown how or by doing it yourself? Would you rather read or do something athletic? How do you behave at social gatherings – wallflower or social butterfly?

One hundred seventy-seven questions answered to get five descriptive words: Intellection, Learner, Input, Achiever, Connectedness.

I took this “test” today. Is this who I am? These five words and no more? Hardly. And yet… this is what gets done to people every day. They get labeled, judged, elevated for accomplishments that may or may not be their own, or ridiculed for the choices they’ve made, the paths they’ve chosen. There are days we feel boxed in, pushed down, underappreciated. There are days we feel we can fly, that nothing can hurt us, that in the end – it will all be alright. Better.

Everyone has their own reasons for joining Second Life, for continuing to log in – some unique, some not so much so. Some emotionally devastating, some out sheer curiosity, some to escape the world that one hundred seventy-seven questions narrows us down to five descriptive words.

As I sit here thinking of the evening to come in SL, I know that even there amongst the pixels and scripts – people still judge. Just like our offline lives – they persecute and annoy, praise and comfort, sometimes even more strongly than knowing someone face to face. We come across people that we’d rather not deal with, and those we enjoy. And if we’re lucky we find the ones that have an impact on our lives, the ones we look forward to seeing, the ones who touch our hearts.

And now as I think about the day I’ve had so far and am getting ready to log in, I know I’m one of the lucky ones.


Finn Lawksley is a semi-recent transplant from Orange County, CA to the Monterey Bay area in Northern CA. This thirty-something single mother of three loving – and sometimes aggravating – teenagers loves to read, is known to spout off seemingly insignificant and pointless tidbits of information, and is hunkering down to start her Master’s Program in Library Sciences. In world she enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, decorating, and taking pictures. She has been extremely fortunate to have found her best friend and brain sharer through SL and together with him has recently started a blog called EF-in’ SL (http://efinsl.wordpress.com/).


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