July 29th, 2010: Cara Geordie

My name is Cara, you may know me from Plurk or from seeing me in world.

As most of you may know, I am IP banned.

On July 27th, it was my first full month of not being able to access SL. Like any other day without SL, it’s a dull and boring day. Nothing to do at all, so I just hang around Plurk and talk with my friends. I stay on Plurk because I still want to be around the people whom I love oh so much!

Unfortunately, I did not get age verified which is really stupid of myself. Not being in SL for one month is torture! Like most, I was addicted and starting a business. LL doesn’t have the greatest customer service, and even though the customer service people in LL may lie to you, I know I will get Cara back soon!


Cara Geordie lives in Northern NJ, and is a very adventurous and ‘outdoorsy’ person. Her real life name is Brianna, nowhere close to her Second Life name Cara. In-world, she enjoys shopping (of course) and hanging out with friends. As far as her favorite food, most of you may know, it’s sushi (hence her plurk timeline title)!


2 Responses to “July 29th, 2010: Cara Geordie”

  1. DD Ra Says:

    Very sorry fot you Cara, I hope you will be quickly able to come back in SL.

    It’s very vorying to see how easy it is to be IP banned for SL without warning, and hard to be heard and to come back for legitimate residents, in comparaison to the difficulies you can have inworld to be helped by Linden Lab when your sim is falling to griefers.

  2. Nabai Says:

    Keep your head up Cara, we’re waiting for you!

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