July 31st, 2010: Guenevere DeCuir

July 31st, 1938

A date not many people think of, in truth…

And yet it was the day that my mother was brought forth into this world.

For the next 50 years, my mother would face adversity in many forms, and yet still manage to come out fighting. She grew up as an intelligent, “curvy” young woman through the 1940 and 50’s. Despite the social climate of those times, she fought as much as she could to break free from stereotypes. Overcoming an abusive childhood where she was constantly overshadowed by her “perfect” older sister, yet she continually strive to beat the odds and try to make her life better.

Then in 1988, a mere 6 days before her 50th birthday, she lost the greatest battle of her life. Her body… that beautifully curvaceous body… finally gave out as the cancer that was living inside her had won.

I remember hearing her rasping breath echo against the cold hospital walls as she slept. I remember the sun that was trying to break through the thick curtains of the window across the room. I remember how hard the bed next to hers was as I tried to take a nap after sitting with her all morning.

But then the breaths stopped, and the room went eerily silent.

If there’s anything that has been passed onto me by my mother, it’s that I also have had the drive to fight against a close-minded world. I was told I was a horrible writer. I was told I would never be a graphic designer. I was told that having a passion for music, art and philosophy would be worthless in my life. And yet I have all that and more in a little Virtual World where typical social standards and prejudices do not apply.

I often wish that my mother were here to see me today, but I also believe that wherever she may be now… she is proud of who I am and who I have become.


Guenevere DeCuir is an elf whom channels said passions for music, art and philosophy between way too many freakin’ projects between both Second Life and her Real One. Her alter ego currently resides in Texas but will be moving to the East Coast before the year is out. Oh she did inherit that curvaceous figure, by the way… and wears it proudly.


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