August 1st, 2010: Jennaa Loire

August the 1st nearly Christmas, nearly time to deal with my family. But today is a new day…. but that is not how I always viewed life…

“Through closed eyes”… that is how I often face the World. Suffering from mental illness can be challenging and there are times where you feel completely alone. Post traumatic stress disorder has made me a recluse at times, and the occasions that I do have to face society, I do it with a sense that no one is looking at me; I have to act invisible so no one else can hurt me.

“There is no future in art, you are not going to waste your time with that crap….”. Those were the words of my father, and for a good part of my life, I listened. Only recently have I broken free from the moulds that my family and to an extent, society would have me fit into. Only recently have I had the strength and courage to challenge those that have oppressed me and SL has helped me find confidence, self-belief and conviction. SL has helped me realize that I can achieve happiness  through art and through expressing myself and exploring my creativity.

PTSD has impacted my life massively and there are often times when I feel like my skin is the only thing from stopping me from exploding. I needed some form of release; a way to undo a valve and let out some pressure. Some sufferers self harm, some use drugs or alcohol while some simply ‘loose the plot’ and end up in a psych ward hitting their head against a cold concrete wall.

About three years ago, I found a crutch. A place to turn when everyone and everything had turned on me.  A place where I wasn’t judged based on life’s previous events. Where I could create a person without prejudice and without the prying eyes of the negative, condescending, cynical people in my life. A place where I can be beautiful, without scars and without the feeling like everyone was staring at me. This place allowed me to explore my creativity and ultimately escape from the pressure and tension of my illness.


Jennaa Loire is the creator of SL House & Garden Group, Writer for Second Style Magazine, Shopping Cart Disco, Prim Perfect and way too many blogs. Jennaa is a resident at the Costa Rica Sims Estate, plurk addict and all around shopaholic. Jennaa is a dedicated and passionate model that has worked with some of the most recognized names in the SL modeling industry and she is excited about being MV Miss Australia 2011. In RL she resides in beautiful Ocean Grove Australia and is not looking forward to her 31st Birthday, which is fast approaching. She lives with her partner and their beautiful baby Manfred (Great Dane baby). She looks forwards to the future because that is where she is going to spend the rest of her life.


3 Responses to “August 1st, 2010: Jennaa Loire”

  1. Mainit Says:

    that i know took alot of guts for you to write this, where i was the third person who has known about this *hugs* really am greatful to have you as my best friend, you really have become stronger person since i’ve knowing you for almost 3 years now. im still nervous of doing this and not knowing what to write in here…

  2. Andrew Mackenzie Says:

    Proud of you babe!

  3. Chalice Carling Says:

    (((hugs))) You are AMAZING.

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