August 2nd, 2010: Divos Titanium

I wrote a check today.  Definitely not “news at eleven”, but it did get me asking . . . who writes checks anymore?  I forgot I even had a checkbook since I pay for all of my bills online.  Things change.  Probably one of the most overused euphemisms out there honestly, but each of us seems to come back to it when the change is personal and affects us.  I like change, for the most part.  Yet there are times when change is not your friend, and it can hurt.  Because of change I have lost both my father and a brother to cancer, and my mom has struggled with a brain tumor for almost four years.  Financial changes make it tough to pay bills and I sometimes can’t sleep at night because I stress about how to pay for my own home.  Those changes I could definitely do without.

Still, change has also blessed me.  I managed to meet one of the sexiest and sweetest men on SL: Cole Delpiaz.  If you doubt me, just take a look at the picture – it says a thousand words. J  He makes me smile, makes me a better person, and best of all, he’s mine in ways that go beyond SL.  I chose August 2nd because it is a day very special for him.  I have been given great friends who are amazing listeners and remind me that sometimes flaws can be the best part.  They make me laugh, and when I log in I don’t have to worry about negativity and can forget about all of the real pressures in my life.

Even with all of the time I spend online, I have kept SL in the closet to most of my friends.  In a few weeks I start my Master of Human Resources program, and I know everyone would say that I need to spend the time studying more.  However, I can’t help but enjoy my secret smile, knowing that I have this amazing outlet where, despite a virtual appearance, the people are every bit as real and the laughs feel just as good.  Fingers crossed the check to pay for it all doesn’t bounce.


Divos Titanium is a 24-year old South Carolina native.  He spends a majority of his time in RL studying for his dual juris doctorate and Master of Human Resources degree.  In world, Divos enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Cole Delpiaz, and his close friends.  He is also Manager of Boystown and Lead Go-Go for BLU DANCEBAR.


7 Responses to “August 2nd, 2010: Divos Titanium”

  1. Cole Delpiaz Says:

    Divos Titanium. Thank you for sharing your RL and your SL with me – there aren’t words invented yet that can describe how I feel about you. Your dedication, leadership, intelligence, loyalty and kindness are unmatched and I’m honored to have the opportunity to spend time with you.

    When we met on valentine’s day 2009 my heart jumped inside. And it still jumps today.

    Te quiero para siempre.


  2. Soco Lemon Says:

    Divos you truly are an amazing person and believe me when I tell you that your friends feel the same way about you. I know I do! I dont’ know what I would have done had you not been around for me to vent to and listen to my problems and issues. Love ya boo! =)

  3. Wesley Arbenlow Says:

    Divos I have learned so much about myself just by knowing you, you are a great person and do so much for so many people it amazes me. We are all so blessed to be your friend!

  4. Jonathon Beattie Says:

    What can I say. You are one of my best friends I have ever had on SL. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we would like, your influence is always with me. I can’t think of the last 20 months without thinking of you. I am so proud of you Boo Boo in both SL and RL. You are so money and you don’t even know it!

  5. Lenka Tiratzo Says:

    Posts like yours, Divos, make me smile behind my PC – cause what makes SL are the real people in it, and tho I don´t know you nor ever I have had a chance to meet you in-world, you seem to be very real to me:)
    I wish you good luck with your project and studies, so with your love and frienships:)

  6. Ritch Nicholls Says:

    Divos you are such a special person and I cherish our friendship everyday. Reading your post just shows how much an amazing person you are. It doesn’t surprise me that your wrote about change. In know you, you have taught me that in life we have to take the good and the bad; and no matter what happens, we just stay true to who we are.

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