August 3rd, 2010: Nabai Farspire

Today marks my one year rezdate on Nabai Farspire.

I originally created Nabs as an alt, someone I could escape to, but never played her until December. During this time, I was in a giant family, full of drama… it got to the point that I started playing Nabs more and more. During March, I got adopted by another family and for the first time, I saw what a real family was like, we talked and laughed for hours. I knew this was where I belonged. I went back on my main, and told my mother I was leaving, and went to that family fully. In the end, I lost my main, but I gained so much more. I started playing Nabai fully, spending more and more time with my Mom.

Many months and siblings later our family was finally fully formed. I loved my family very much and hoped I would never ever lose them. But… good things can’t last forever, that’s just not how life works. In July, I attended Camp HardKnock. I had an amazing time and made a lot of new friends. While I was gone I made my Momma get a Plurk so I could keep up with what she was doing. She made new friends on Plurk, and started hanging out with one girl constantly. This is where I get banned due to someone reporting me as underage. I do not know who or why. My mom thought she was going to be banned for knowing me and told me I could no longer be in the family. That was when I found out about the girl being adopted into the family the night before.

I think that all this taught me that some people do in fact think SL is just a game… but it’s not. The people behind the avatars are real, with real feelings. These relationships we make in SL are real, everlasting relationships. Sure, I’m hurt and upset about everything… but I think as long as everyone is happy, then I’m happy. During all this I made some true friends, who I know always have my back… and I’m grateful for that.


Nabai Farspire is 18 and a Senior in HS. Her real life name is Kara and she resides in little old Maine, and loves video games, anime and Harry Potter. She has a star wars tye fighter hanging up on her wall, because shes THAT nerdy. She has been playing this game for almost 5 years now.


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