August 4th, 2010: Keira Seerose

Today proposition 8 was waived. I am glad, and proud, of that decision. I am relieved that the world makes a bit more sense than it did yesterday… but the work doesn’t end. Today I worked hard to get the NOH8 SL Campaign website up and running and preparing the Platinum Hunt which opens on the 8th… NOH8 is associated mostly with its roots, in protest of Proposition 8, but that’s not why I got involved…

I’ve always been passionate about equality, ever since I was a child. My sister, Laura, was severely disabled, and every day of my life with her I learnt more about equality. She was the most inspiring people I’ve ever met, she taught me so much about love and communication… and she couldn’t even speak. I spent my childhood constantly arguing and defending equality for people with disabilities, even when Laura had long since died.

In my young adulthood the effects of Laura’s death and other life events took their toll, causing me severe mental issues. Soon I was completely socially inept, hiding away from the world and not able to leave my house. Thank God for Secondlife… although my anxiety disorder affects me within SL too at least I have human interaction. Loneliness is the worst part of my life…

I wanted more people to know more about mental health. I wanted people to be able to relate to friends or family easier, because I wanted to try and take away some of that loneliness from other people’s lives. I ran some events in SL to raise awareness for mental health and then I got involved in the NO H8 campaign… that’s how I got here. I care about the NO H8 campaign continuing to show a silent support for human and civil rights, because I care about people. I believe we all should have a chance to be understood and accepted, no matter our conditions, our genetics, our choices or our tastes. So tonight I am happy at the thought of all the lives this decision may positively affect and I am happy that there are people out there who still care enough to say NO to H8.


Keira Seerose is a 23-year-old woman in England, housebound by social anxiety disorder she spends most of her time within SecondLife, planning events and raising awareness. She loves to be busy but hates to be stressed. A tricky balance she maintains by talking to herself and singing (out of tune) in her friends ears.


2 Responses to “August 4th, 2010: Keira Seerose”

  1. Naraelina Says:

    Wow! We really need more people like you in this world :]
    It’s great that you care so much about equality…so many people are just so narrow minded these days.

    Keep up the great work! :D

  2. Keira Seerose Says:

    What a lovely comment :’]]] thank you

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